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Fern Orlyak: properties and recipes

Fern Orlyak - popular around the world plant. It is endowed with many useful features and good taste. For medicinal purposes and for human consumption generally use the young shoots of the plant. Plant salt. Because it makes salads, used as garnish or seasonings. The fresh fern is not used.
Beneficial features
Asparagus is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, calcium, copper and sulfur. The plant helps to restore metabolic processes, removes excitement of the nervous system, normalizes heart rate, soothes and regenerates vitamin balance. It increases the activity and operability. It is used as a diuretic, anthelmintic, and analgesic. It helps in the treatment of rheumatism, diarrhea, headaches and chest pains, jaundice, aching joints. It normalizes the digestive system and increases the body's resistance to infections.
Where and when to collect the fern?
Season collecting plants begins in mid-May and ends in early June. Find fern can be in the coniferous and deciduous forests. Usually it grows on forest edges, clearings and burnt areas, and abandoned fields. He loves poor soil, ground covers, sometimes found on limestone.
When collecting pay special attention to school, easily broken shoots of the plant. Shoots that are only bent but not broken, almost unsuitable for food: the taste becomes bitter, and the nutritional value of the plants is minimal. Once the shoots are collected, they must be treated immediately, or after a few hours they will be rude and lose all their nutrients. After harvesting the shoots can be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than one day.
Recipe salting fern
Select shoots not longer than 20-25 centimeters. Take a glass or enamel bowl, for example, a pan. If you want to pickle a large amount of fern, take the barrel. The plant should be washed several times, then make small bundles and put in a container for salting layers.
Each layer is abundantly sprinkle salt (including the top layer). Cover the lid and secure it with the load and put in the fridge. Pickle is ready in 3 weeks. Put ferns in another container and pour brine (200-250 gr. Of salt per liter of water). Done! So fern can be stored for about two years.
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