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Your indifference can turn against you Nobody will be left and will not pass indifference to what is happening with the nearest neighbor. Many people think: why intervene, because we are not affected? Not touch you now, but where is the guarantee that those who now feel will not go unpunished more intoxicated by his pride and sense of superiority? Now they do not meet in front of obstacles, but small heroic points Lugansk and Donetsk and think they can do anything under the guise of Western countries. And who can guarantee that their euphoria did not lead them on? In our home, in our city. Only our indifference increases their false victory, only our passivity adds to their pride in their terrible acts against innocent people who do not want to go into slavery to the west. Some people think a real patriot goes to the forest, where he is until the first chill. Once the snow appears in the margin - a true patriot goes to a nearby village, where he finds his dream milkmaid. Life is always higher patriotism. But what if you have a family and children that can show parents that they are proud of their country. Native language. Patriotism children is not throwing grenades at the enemy, shouting "Glory to the heroes" - and in the glorification of his native land. Children can show parents that they want to live it on this earth. They will love it, even at the high prices and low wages - because it is their native land. And for the sake of children each may decide to go to the forest or to defend his home and family. Pride and honesty Pride for themselves, for their honest actions, to express their views openly - it is not patriotism, but it is a strong foundation for it. And we can be proud of, a country that has such historical roots as ours can not remain without patriots. How many times have tried to destroy it and confuse, to impose uncharacteristic Slavic culture, habits, and all the same through time after pioneering surgery and revolutions Russia is returning to its natural state, adapting all the innovations for themselves. On the basis of pride and integrity grows strong identity and love for his country and his home close - patriotism. Tragedy in Odessa showed that no patriots of cushions Now a new era of IT-technologies and the war is not just on the ground and in the sky, but also in the information space. When tragedy struck in Odessa "New Khatyn" only because of indifferent users who wrote their reviews and comments, share links, people can learn the truth. Patriot of his country, which is not, patriots who loved their country, but it turned out that this country is not that they harness and shoot for something that they did not betray their roots do not go to forget who their brothers. Information war - the battlefield in peacetime Information warfare is just as important as positional. On this battlefield can see who hurts the soul of their country and their beliefs, and who do not want or do not consider it necessary to intervene. So far, only a laptop - a weapon of patriots. If the enemy will come to us, you will see that the people who now identify patriotism only information in the hands of a real weapon appears. Patriot is born within each indifferent to the pain of others rights. And indifference turns into fear. No foundation, no faith, no pride, no patriotism - you're not human, you're a shadow!
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