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Quail eggs: 10 reasons for the possible harm to the human body

Quail eggs are considered to be valuable and useful product. Young mothers actively feed their kids, they are used athletes, seniors. However, some scientists argue that there are harmful ingredients in quail eggs. And called 10 reasons why this product is harmful to the body.
Quail eggs harm. Cholesterol.
The quail eggs contain a large amount of harmful cholesterol. Its excess in the body causes the blockage of blood vessels. Those who have raised cholesterol and atherosclerosis who are sick to eat the product life-threatening. cholesterol concentration contained in the egg yolks.
Quail eggs harm. The reduction of the gall bladder.
The yolk quail eggs enhances the contraction of the gallbladder, bile outflow thus enhanced. If a person has problems with the liver or gall bladder stones are formed, then there are strong pain.
Quail eggs harm. Calories.
This energetically valuable product. Despite its small size, eggs are very high in calories. Excessive their use threatens the emergence of extra kilos on his body.
Quail eggs harm. Salmonella.
Despite the high body temperature 37.7S * poultry eggs can be nasty bacterium Salmonella. It is extremely dangerous for the person getting into the intestine, the bacterium transforms carbohydrates into gas or acid. The good news is that Salmonella lives only in the product, which has not passed thermal processing. If quail eggs boiled or fried, the risk of this bacterium is unlikely.
Quail eggs harm. Shelf life.
Though many believe that quail eggs can not be poisoned, but this is a myth. Shelf life only 5-7 days, then, may be damaged by incorrect temperatures. If they have lain in the shop more than the specified period, the probability of poisoning is very high.
Quail eggs harm. It is impossible for children up to a year.
Sometimes grandmother advised to give the quail eggs kids almost from birth, claiming that this product absolutely does not cause allergies. Another misconception. Eggs quail, like any other, quite allergenic product. Newborns give it is not recommended, possible negative reaction.
Quail eggs harm. The protein product.
As with any protein product, quail eggs affect the kidneys and liver. If the body metabolizes protein is bad, then the use of this product will cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
Quail eggs harm. Bacteria.
Useful protein product is easily converted into a harmful source of infectious diseases. The shell of quail eggs in a rather fragile. It happens that there are cracks and chips, and through them easily seep into all kinds of bacteria.
Quail eggs harm. Diabetes.
Not everyone is helpful to eat even perfectly clean and properly cooked quail eggs. People with diabetes can not eat them, their body this product is causing serious harm by increasing the amount of sugar in the blood.
Quail eggs harm. Allergic reaction.
An allergic reaction to this product is not only possible in small children, but also adults. It can manifest itself in different ways. From the onset of the rash to swelling of the larynx.
Despite all of the above contraindications quail eggs contain a large concentration of useful minerals and vitamins than in chicken. The benefits of quail eggs can be read here And most importantly friends - everything is good in moderation.
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