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Beer bars in St. Petersburg: an overview

Beer St. Petersburg bars tirelessly, year after year take in its embrace regular guests and accidentally wandered travelers, offering the best drinks and refreshments. We decided prosherstit lists of the most notable and popular bars and pubs of St. Petersburg create your personal top of the site - and you can take advantage of this selection and choose what you prefer.
Small pub located in residential districts of St. Petersburg, and therefore unjustly deprived attention. Although this moment there is a positive side - here there is always a free place for new guest and serve warm mood of the patrons. Impeccable service, pleasant interior and very good food - the creators of this site do just about anything that you do not want to get out of here.
Cons have been detected - in almost every revocation interior, kitchen and service are estimated at 8-10 out of 10.
Brasserie, which will be opened in St. Petersburg in the spring of this year. The beginning is very promising - fans waiting for pleasant evenings saturated atmosphere in the eco-interior, excellent food with a varied menu, and the highest level of service. Follow the news on the official website of Asylum bar, not to miss the opening day.
Radio Ireland
Much more popular beer bar, when compared with the Library then, however, an abundance of guests did not detract from the merits of this place - visitors emphasize that there is really fun. You can not only recharge your excellent portion of optimism, but also taste the excellent Irish cuisine in tandem with quality alcohol.
Another Irish bar in St. Petersburg, is clearly worthwhile public. Friendly, tasty beer, live music and uncomplicated snack - a kind of business card of this simple but pleasant places. Here you can have a great time, rooting for your favorite football team, but if you want to meet with an old friend and a good talk, it is better to do it on weekdays as the weekend the noise level is simply rolls over.
Bar in St. Petersburg, this time a Belgian - is the excellent range of beer beverages, including beer and crafting, as well as the classic Belgian cuisine. beers, by the way, there are so many that you have to visit the bar more than once to try each.
Thus, in order to spend an unforgettable, amazing evening to relax after a busy week and just relax in a casual setting, you simply select the bar vending St. Petersburg from our stamp and not to worry, that the expectations are not justified.
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