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Why the chef should have a good mood?

It seems to be the above, the question is simple and straightforward, but the answer to it is not an easy task, which is what we try to do. Like any master of his craft, chefs have secrets fulfill their hard work. Difficult it is to be a cook at the same time fast, dexterous and collected, hands should always be nimble, and feeling sensations of taste and smell are sharpened, in addition, the cook should always remember the time the impact and consistency of preparation. Of course, there are many nuances of a purely technical: it is the right proportion of ingredients, this delicate calculation to detail and accuracy in work, one might even say, necessity is the share of pedantry and thoroughness. But, of course, not enough to be aware of all the intricacies and technologies of the culinary arts. Yes! It is art. How else can be called skill chefs create elaborate dishes, aesthetically and physically meet the needs of a gourmet, harmoniously matching simple elements. After all, it is important not only to prepare a dish. Talent to be able to present it in such a way that the client felt aesthetic pleasure. In the composer in power, there are only 7 basic notes, of which he is able to do many hours of musical works, the artist in creating his paintings uses all seven primary colors, and the cook, in turn, is based on only four tastes: sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Combining all four bases for the creation, using the widest palette of flavors, the chef makes a person's life another area enjoying lovely - the influence of aromatic-flavor factors. However, the master of cooking enough to have a high sensitivity, imagination, aesthetic taste. An important point in the preparation of food as tasty and useful, is the right attitude and energy of man. This simple law applies not only to the profession, but also to any kind of human activity in general. The food in our life stands on one of the highest levels of our needs. Of food affects the health, efficiency, health, and energy, mood, and even longevity. No wonder they say: "A good cook is worth the doctor." Dish - cook for a way to communicate with the guest. Any dish to cook is necessary so that your emotions felt by those who will evaluate your work. Of course, the key to success here are good emotions. The client should get up from the table, not just well-fed and satisfied both aesthetically and emotionally. Positive energy passes through the dish guest positive emotions, such food is well absorbed and has beneficial effects on the health of the person, his mood and energy. Similarly, food cooked in a bad mood and not in the best state of mind to be detrimental to the guest to receive meals from bad energy. Meticulously executed correctly, the wizard with a professional chef's grip, the perfect combination of flavors and fragrances, great-looking dish, but done with a bad mood and energy will never replace my mom's a simple soup made ​​with good intentions and love, filled with good experiences and beneficial energy. Another important quality of a good mood in the kitchen is the cohesion of the team at work. It has always played an important role in every sphere of work and life. Quarrels and conflicts distract from work, reduced working capacity and quality of the dishes. A popular trend is to organize special training of workforce, helping to find a common language and approach to the joint work. Cohesive work in the kitchen is always a pleasant mood, which is transmitted in food and impact on visitors.    Such factors as mood and energy are not only individual work of cooking. Do not forget about the energy that you bring with you to work, and giving her the rest of the team. Being a true professional in a particular area of ​​a little knowledge of the formulation and correct execution of their work. You must be able to concentrate on the process of thought, to enjoy their work and do not give any other problems to take possession of his thoughts. Bad thoughts in the workplace can lead to carelessness and negligence. And this could be a consequence not only of poor quality of work done, but also lead to extremely dangerous consequences in the kitchen, where a lot of objects and systems that can be unintentionally harm their health, and colleagues around too. Just the right mood cook is born allows only those dishes that allow the visitor places to get real aesthetic pleasure, and that indicates a professional master of his uneasy business.
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