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Roman Trusov
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Good train of Ukraine.

My friends, I want to tell you great news , at least for me. I got married! In connection with this event took a month off and went with his wife on their honeymoon . Traveling by train , so guarded tickets an hour before they appear on the Internet. Despite early booking , appeared the remains , but with grief in half , managed to take good seats. Always wondered where the train floor is lost at the beginning of the sale. In Russia this more bearable , Ukraine , corruption thrives in full swing. Tickets not, eventually the floor of the car empty. We went to the Crimea. Return to the full positive got a stuffy , not paying attention to all the delights of comfort. The reverse route interesting impressions left on the Ukrainian railways and customs. Came back in September , when it became colder . Going to the train Kherson - Moscow we were met by two models from Playboy, chubby Khokhlushka conductors weighing 90 pounds or even one hundred . The sullen , not friendly than it is not satisfied, a positive word and sparkling in their eyes in the latter stages . Immediately evident is no motivation . Car anti-aging , 12C degrees * dazzling purity traced everywhere, including the design of millimeter dust fascinated passengers. The upgraded air-conditioning system has been integrated directly into the windows of the car in the form of a five- millimeter gaps , not only in the windows of the roof began to intensively irrigate passengers when it started to rain. Hot water was not half a day. Conductors fed us some sort of fairy tales that the stove is fired on the speed of the train and went for boiling water into another car . Looks like the other cars had a different heating system . Water, it is simply impossible to drink . In Ukraine, all with the water problem . In the car was terribly cold, but the blankets , why is not given , explaining that the cold season has not started . I had to be content with thin blankets . From the window of a cold wind whistling , we had a couple of hours plugging gaps newspaper. Well , there was " Tasty newspaper ." Helped out once again. Then it started to rain , the car was leaking. Grandma opposite could not sleep because of this , once someone has paid 6,000 rubles, and relocated to the East. The toilets on the train were made according to the latest technology , top leaking and also does not shut down, had to hold one leg. People on the train were divided into two categories: the Ukrainians , who were traveling to work in Moscow , as a rule all the builders and Russian with the rest. They arrived at the border. Two hours of the night. Ukrainian customs. Immediately obvious people do not pay wages, they earn it themselves . A lot of questions , not knowing what you can catch on with disappointment crossed into the next compartment. Got the impression that the guys are ready to just ask for money . Did not find anything , well, at least give a reason. Russian customs was fast . Do not understand what they are trying to find , asking guns, drugs . Or maybe it's facetious suggestion . In general , children with a sense of humor. Quite a different situation in the Russian trains. Conductor polite , cheerful , each said compartment where, what and how. Wiped the floor . Tight windows , cars are clean, the toilets even have toilet paper and soap . And that's for the best car . The contrast is very strong. The stay itself in the Crimea is not justified . Service does not have the money to tear off each step.
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