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How to win korrumpiruemuyu system of bribery?

Undoubtedly, together with the advent of civilization, and the other blessings of humanity and people of the world have got such charms "side effects", such as pollution, the problem of waste disposal, the absence of specific strictly designated and equipped places for storage of hazardous and hazardous waste and other such nuances. For a long time, an invisible struggle between civilians who are fighting for a cleaner environment, and officials who do not see or want to see and notice the obvious problem. If time does not solve the problem of environmental pollution, it will be a disaster on a gigantic scale.   One of these disputes was the landfill in the village. Kuti Volkhov district. Municipal education Volkhov district is known to be allocated a dedicated site for solid waste landfill. And the authorities felt that the problem is solved, but on closer inspection it turned out that not everything is rosy.   The landfill is located just 500 m from the forest gardening "Pupyshevo." Throughout the summer gardening constantly resting more than 30 000 inhabitants of St. - Petersburg and the region, and a large number of vacationers usually are children and the elderly. Gardening has long been famous for its salubrious climate for people with respiratory problems, as well as for hypertensive patients and those with cardiovascular diseases. Also worth noting is that the landfill located near the regional Ordovician aquifer from which the water is all gardening. Without exception, all the inhabitants of gardening experience for yourself all the charm located near the landfill. Clouds of birds, lots of rats, giant size, horrible smell, mosquitoes and flies, a lot of homeless people who live directly in a landfill, the constant smoke from the smoldering remains and even occasionally encountered snakes - all this has become an integral part of life, thanks to the good works officials. Birds and rats with solid waste landfill often raid gardens and orchards locals pollute ditches and ponds and are carriers of the terrible and sometimes fatal infections. The result is that an increasing number of epidemics and other unpleasant diseases. And even on the same ecology can not speak, now residents who are accustomed to rest from the noise, dirt and urban smog forced to seek refuge in the city, although earlier it was exactly the opposite. Dozers, who are constantly working on the dump, to compaction, instead of the expected benefits are applied even more damage, because their activities are only accelerate the penetration of harmful substances into the soil, and then in a local body of water from which is supplied with all the gardening. It is worth noting that in addition to harmful substances from the MSW landfill allocated and dangerous substances such as heavy metals. In most cases, it is dangerous not only for health, but for the life of the chemicals. Locals have already written letters to various authorities, which by law regulate such matters, but the response to them are different unsubscribe and conclusions, which suggests that all the requirements and standards are met, and the local authorities in the meantime are not going to somehow solve the situation. But it's worth noting that there is also a clear conclusion about the violations of the law, which in the meantime, local officials do not pay attention, and appeal to higher ranks brings absolutely no results, or all leads also to the formal replies and bureaucracy. The naked eye can see that inaction officials dictated not so much that the reluctance - or take, but the other is not quite pleasant factors. It is clear that alone locals gardening would not cope with the resulting problem. Only by combining the efforts of all indifferent to the suffering of others and with the support of honest officials who are not afraid to enter into conflict with the more influential officers, beatable perfectly valid and korrumpiruemuyu system of bribery and arbitrariness of local authorities. Than provided unwillingness of local authorities to solve the problem, it is easy to identify even not too going into details of the conflict. Design and implementation of the project the more landfill initially is illegal now, for which there are personal benefits and interests of a very high-ranking officials. Operation of the landfill in such close proximity to residential areas, and the more vodosnabyuzhayuschego pond is dangerous to health and, in some cases, and for the life of local residents. - Operation of MSW landfill violates the constitutional right of citizens of the Russian Federation to a healthy environment. -'s Boasts of officials into the solution to the problem of creating a special place for SDW - Repeated complaints to various authorities do not bring absolutely no rezutat or result nastodlko negligible, in fact it can be compared with the total lack of it. - The district administration reports under solid waste landfill with all standards and requirements of this legislation. - In addition to designated areas under the landfill have been repeatedly noted the appearance of deposits of waste in unauthorized places for this - along roads and ditches. - One of the motivating factors that cause officials to fend off the closure of illegal dumping is a profitable venture. By law, the removal of solid waste is allowed only in licensed landfills, located in a nearby Kirishsky area. Calculate shipping costs and attach them to your purse (pay someone to us). Dorogovata turns trash. And the opening of the landfill Kiselninskom settlement - a great way out. Besides residents gardening "Pupyshevo" not once complained about the lack of a special place for waste disposal as they say here for that fought for it and ran.
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