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Benefits and harms of quail eggs are two sides of the product

Quail eggs are included in the diet of children and adults is not the first year. Disputes about their usefulness or harmfulness maintained constantly. How realistic is useful popular product? What harm can bring the man? Experts give concrete answers to these questions.
What is the strength of the product?
Quail eggs contain many nutrients.
• B vitamins, A, E, D
• Micronutrients
• Amino Acids
• Carotenoids
• Proteins
• Proteins
As all these wonderful substances affect the body?
B vitamins help a person to be calm and balanced, because of its effect on the nervous system. The complex, consisting of vitamins, trace elements and mineral acids contributes to immune defense.
Some researchers argue that adding to his desk quail eggs, people can recover from the following diseases:
• Anemia
• Diseases of the digestive tract
• Nervous system disorders
• Respiratory diseases
• Hypertension and hypotension
• Violations of the organs of vision
Cholecystitis patients who prefer to eat quail eggs, get rid of the regular pain and bitterness in the mouth.
There is a version that regular consumption of quail eggs in pregnant women reduces the risk of failure of the fetus, and eases symptoms of toxicity. This is due to content in the product of a variety of vitamins and amino acids.
It is believed that quail eggs are very useful for men's health.
Useful product and for the child's body. Due to the high content of vitamin D in the eggs, they are able to prevent the development of rickets in children under one year. With regular use of quail eggs of children of school age, they have improved intellectual development, due to the fact that the product contains a lot of phosphorus, iron and potassium.
Older people who eat the protein product improves memory, weakened joint pain.
What is the weakness of the product?
Almost every useful product has a reverse harmful side. Quail eggs are no exception. The harm from their use can be expressed in the presence of the following symptoms:
• Allergic reactions
• Problems with the stomach and intestinal organs (most often in people with liver disease)
• Obesity (when too active use of eggs in the food)
Infectious diseases
Although there is a version that quail eggs are not subject to the ingress of Salmonella, but it is a myth. Doctors say that the infection salmonellosis can be obtained from any of eggs and quail, too.
Rate how harmful or helpful to use for human quail eggs, only a doctor can adequately. Before you include this product in your diet will help you get professional advice. Find more information about the benefits of quail eggs here Find comprehensive information about the dangers of this product here perepelinie-yajca-vred.html Buy farm quail eggs in St. Petersburg, you can call +79062256597
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