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The use of quail eggs

Small quail eggs were used in ancient China and Egypt in the treatment of asthma and allergies. In France, in 1069 they again began to use for medicinal purposes. Small quail eggs are popular today, which is not surprising, since they are a source of useful trace elements. But the presence of a large number of vitamins is not only their dignity.
Quail eggs benefits for the skin
They contain tyrosine - a nonessential amino acid, which can often be found on the shelves of pharmacies. Tyrosine has a beneficial effect on the skin, as well as in the quail eggs contain lysozyme, prevents the growth of harmful organisms. Lysozyme is an antibacterial agent. In other words, an antiseptic, it breaks down the walls of harmful bacteria. That is why it is so often made on the basis of quail eggs shampoos and masks.
Quail eggs benefits for the mind
Promotes mental and physical development of children, as well as the strengthening of memory, nervous system and immune system. Doctors give statistics that children who regularly use quail eggs, suffer six times less. In the quail eggs concentration of vitamin A, B2, several times higher than the average chicken eggs. A trace elements such as potassium and iron content of greater than six times. That's why quail eggs improves brain activity and functionality.
 Quail eggs benefit to stomach
Quail eggs are also rich in trace elements such as copper, phosphorous, cobalt. Used in the treatment of gastritis, ulcers, asthma, pneumonia, anemia, tuberculosis, various heart diseases. Well strengthened vessels. Previously, doctors recommend drinking cocktails for the prevention of ulcers and gastritis based on tomato juice, vodka and quail eggs.
Quail eggs for use of an active way
In one small quail egg contains amino acids and trace elements which are necessary for the development of the body, they are several times higher than in chicken egg. By the way, one egg is six quail.
Quail eggs benefits for men
According to experts, quail eggs contribute to the potency in men. They contain many essential amino acids and trace elements that contribute to stimulate the production of testosterone. That's why quail eggs are considered an aphrodisiac. Enough to eat seven, ten raw quail eggs as the male body will feel a burst of energy and strength.
Quail eggs use and prevention of cancer
Doctors recommend to include them in the diet of people whose workflow is associated with a high risk of exposure, and those struggling with cancer using chemotherapy. quail eggs have the ability to rid the body of radionuclides.
Quail eggs benefits for the elderly
People in old age are recommended for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Quail eggs perfectly strengthens blood vessels, high iron content strengthens the heart muscle.
Quail eggs benefits for pregnant women
During pregnancy, as recommended, there are quail eggs, to strengthen bones, teeth, and with a view to the prevention of various pathologies. In this way you can eat the shell of quail eggs. It is in the shell contains large amounts of potassium and calcium. These trace elements strengthen bone tissue, stimulate the growth of hair and nails. In order to use the shell of quail eggs should be well sanitized it. The recipe of the eggshell. Eggs can be pre-soaked in a solution of baking soda and manganese hour. Boil a few minutes in boiling water. Next, dry and grind in a coffee grinder or blender to a fine powder. It can be mixed with berry powder, it is also quite easy. Once the juice is there is a lot of skins that can be dried at a temperature of 70 ° C * on the silicone mat and grind in a coffee grinder. Egg powder is mixed with berry powder. Such a mixture can sprinkle and decorate any salads, hot dishes and desserts.
Quail eggs benefit for women
Quail eggs and found a place in cosmetology. From egg yolks make a hydrating mask for the face and hair. Proteins are actively using to create home shampoos.
Dosage quail eggs
Children up to three years in one day is enough quail egg. Children under fifteen years, it is recommended to use three quail eggs a day. At the age of fifteen to forty years of daily rate of six eggs. People over forty should reduce the consumption of up to five eggs.
How to cook quail eggs
Since ancient times, it is considered a delicacy cooked soft-boiled quail egg with caviar. But this is not so easy, the thing is that to catch the moment when the yolk is liquid, and the protein is ready, requires a certain expertise. The second embarrassing moment is to clean the egg without damage, because it is small and soft enough, it is likely that the protein will be damaged, and the yolk will flow out. But the egg in such cases should be cleaned completely, unlike the hen's egg. To cook soft-boiled quail egg is better to take a four-day eggs in the eggs of clean shells will be much easier than in those who have just hatched. Eggs should pour cold water and quickly bring to a boil. Boiling they have no more than ten seconds. Then you need to drain the hot water and stop the process of blood clotting proteins, cold water. Thus the shell can be broken and leave in cold water for five minutes. During this time, water will penetrate under the film between the protein and the shell, and clean the eggs will be much easier. It boiled quail egg is best absorbed by the human body. If you want to eat raw eggs, it should be remembered that there is a risk of the disease salmonellosis. Despite the high body temperature quail 37.7S * still sick though much less chicken. Eggs should be soaked for several hours in soda, it significantly reduces the risks.
Recipe of quail eggs in the molecular kitchen
To ensure consistency other yolk quail egg without exposing it to heat treatment can be put on a night in the freezer. In the morning, to get, to warm to room temperature. Split. The protein remains the same consistency and be spilled, and the yolk will be more dense. It can be used as a standalone product in salads and hot dishes, as well as add to the sauce. Here is an example of such a product in a salad herring under a fur coat:
Another technique allows you to dry the protein and use it in the creation of various foams. For this protein quail eggs to distribute on a silicone mat and put in the oven for a few hours until the moisture evaporates at a temperature of 56C *. Then grind in a blender or coffee grinder. Add possible in sauce or dressing, then whisk. Just such a protein is used in oxygen cocktails.
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Even in spite of its size, the quail egg is rich in beneficial trace elements and vitamins. Their rational use of beneficial effects on the body and helps in the fight against diseases.
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