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Meatless soup best recipes

It is not necessary to post the food to be boring or tasteless. Having shown quite a bit of ingenuity, even the dishes without meat and fish can be cooked amazing. In addition, these soups are good not only in the post - if you stick vegetable diet, then these dishes, you can diversify your diet.
So, I prepared for its readers a selection of my own favorites among the meatless soup, which I cook with pleasure. The main components of such soups - vegetable broth, mushrooms, vegetables, cereals, pasta. In general, the scheme of preparation for each vegetable soup is about the same:
1. The first step is preparing vegetable broth - for these purposes we use the carrot, onion, roots and potatoes;
2. If the mushroom soup, the next step - the addition of fresh, lightly fried or else dried (and pre-soaked) mushrooms;
3. When cooking thick vegetable soup then add cereal (for example, perfect buckwheat, millet or rice) or a little vermicelli;
4. In the penultimate stage of getting into the act with a delicate structure of vegetables - for example, zucchini, pickles, tomatoes, peppers, sauerkraut;
5. And, of course, meatless soup is not without seasoning: salt, pepper, herbs, garlic and so on.
How to make meatless soups healthier, preserve vitamins?
If you love to cook, you probably know that during heat treatment serves to lose a lot of useful components. Here are some examples:
1. when cooking cabbage "parted ways" with a good half of folic acid required for the absorption of iron and improve metabolism;
2. Approximately 75% of Vitamin C is destroyed by cooking vegetables;
3. boiled carrot and spinach for 30-40% less vitamin E, than these raw vegetables;
4. subjected cooked legumes (such as peas and beans) contain only 60% of the original amount of calcium.
The secrets and subtleties of the best recipes
But there are some secrets that will help restore the loss - and I'm happy to share them with you.
• Preservation of vitamins starts with proper storage: light, outdoors and the room temperature - these destroyers of useful components.
• If you freeze vegetables for future use or buy a special mixture, it is not necessary to wait for them to defrost - immediately submit them to the pot. Repeated freezing is undesirable.
• Oxygen is damaging to the vitamin C, so it is best to cook vegetables under sealed cover (unless, of course, the recipe does not require the return), as in cooking, try to components were completely covered by water. Add water to vykipevshy broth is not recommended.
• The number of lost vitamins is directly related to how much time the vegetables are in the water - so it is better to lower the boiling water and avoid excessive cooking of (you should observe the order indicated in the recipes meatless soups).
• If you are serious about the correct lean diet, is the best means of preparing healthy food steamer is considered - in the processing of vegetables steam lost four times less vitamins.
• To avoid a large loss of vitamin C, I recommend cooking vegetables in an acidic environment. For example, if the recipe has lemon juice, it is better to add at the beginning of cooking.
• Do not cook meatless soup on high heat, the best recipes are obtained at low temperature conditions.
Armed with these simple tips, you will make meatless soups are homemade tasty and healthy as possible.
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