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How to choose the dishes for serving dishes

In restaurants, carefully suited to the choice of dishes, which is presented on a dish. There are the main criteria for choosing a high quality dishes.
Material production
From what materials not only offer manufacturers the dishes - it's glass, ceramics (porcelain and earthenware), metal, silver, and even gold. Any material has its own properties, the glass can be heat-resistant or be resistant to shock, to do his temper. For example, the new premium cookware series «black ghost» is made of heavy-duty material, with refresher tabs, removable mirrors and windows. Such dishes accentuate the beauty supply any dish, especially if you combine it with the effects of molecular cuisine. In the recipes I have some work carried out on this dish.
Material production can ensure maintenance of the temperature to its submission. For example, meat is fed at a temperature of about 65 degrees, it is sometimes heated to the dish and it should not burst. Important here as the wall thickness of the dishes. The difference is, and the metal itself, which are made of cutlery. For example, the plug must be made from stainless steel or silver, but not aluminum. Dishes made of porcelain can be found on this website.
Types of dishes
When choosing cookware, it is important to understand its mission, it is only among isolated dessert plates, dinner, soup, Pirozhkova, as well as great food and tea saucers. They differ not only in diameter but also the depth, shape. There are glasses of water, glasses for red and white wine, champagne. In addition, there are various ceramic pots, salad bowls, saucers, which are also used in feed.
In most restaurants prefer to use white and black ware supply. Drawing on a plate should not overshadow the dish. On the contrary, the color contrast glassware must emphasize contours and color of cooked masterpiece from the menu.
Transparent and mirror utensils used in molecular cuisine restaurants, where special effects are created when filing.
Form of dishes is not only the classic round or square, but oblong, having irregular shape and curves.
From France came the idea to serve meals in small portions on large plates, in order to emphasize the beautiful design. Now, this tradition is already being used in the majority of the world's restaurants that have positioned themselves as fine dining establishments.
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