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Cooking boards

For professional chefs in the kitchen there are no details, all the details are important. Tools for the wizard - an important part of his arsenal. In a competent chef should always be the best tools: a sharp knife, high-quality pots and pans and a great cutting board.
An important tool for the kitchen
Correct Cook board not only helps beautifully cut products, but also contributes to the preservation of their native taste. Therefore, cutting board, which is used in the work of master chef, must meet certain requirements. When the board is ideal for work, it helps to make the process of preparation of culinary delights comfortable and enjoyable.
How to choose?
Now on sale, you can see a lot of options cooks boards. They are made of different materials, some different unusual shape and appearance. However, not all of them can boast of practicality and reliability. The quality of production can also fail.
Types of cutting boards
• Wooden
• Plastic
• Glass
Which do you choose? Virtually all professional chefs prefer to choose cutting boards made of wood or plastic. Such boards rare, they are difficult to find. But even harder to choose the right wood accessory.
When selecting a cutting wooden board should consider the following points:
• natural material. Only natural wood is safe for human health. Wood fibers are treated with special technology that helps preserve the taste of food.
The size. Board should be fine for cutting and slicing of any products.
• The quality of the surface. A good product should not slide on the surface of the table.
• Ease of purification. Cutting wood board should be easy to wash, clean.
• Durability. Accessory must be long and be resistant to mechanical damage.
Advantages of wood boards
• Natural. Wood environmentally friendly material, invented by nature itself.
• Durability. Wooden boards practically do not break, do not break off the edge.
• Stability. Wood does not slip on the surface.
• Practicality. Planks of wood are comfortable and practical, resistant to high temperatures.
Chopping boards made of glass, quickly blunt knives. Wooden boards often absorb the odor, bacteria remain, there bend.
If we consider all the recommendations and choose the most safe and quality Povarskaya board, the cooking will bring even more fun.
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