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Came to work - check refrigerators

Came to work - check refrigerators. Smell and taste all the blanks. Get organized and clean.
The order of the kitchen the main problem in many restaurants. Sometimes some bosses let this moment of attention. No need to rely on sous-chef, or the main change. Came to work - check refrigerators. Inside and outside, they must be clean. Feel free to check blanks, smell, taste. After all, if poor quality meal, let sour mash comes to guest - blush in front of him have you. Therefore it is better to prevent risks at their origin. Bring It On, that stood on workpieces date, so you can track who did harvest and how much it is already stored. What should I do if the refrigerator in a sauce of the n / p is not in condition, no dates, etc. It's very simple, it means that a cook does not respect you, gets the job done in bad faith. So do not be afraid to punish him. To begin to talk, to explain his mistakes and say to his face that he was fined. It is desirable to hold to his fine seen by others. The employee must understand and realize his mistake. There should be no hard feelings. Good control lever in this situation fines. Where to send the money? The best option to determine the money on promotion. In other words, give them to those who work responsibly and tries. Another option can be given to their investors, thereby demonstrating its value. But remember that the greatest value of a good organization of work. If you correctly set the system, your work easier, there is time for creativity. You can only maintain control of the system.
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