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First Try new menu itself, and then offered to investors, cooks and other personnel

Of course, if you work the boss is not the first year, then the study of the menu should not be a novelty for you, but if you're only in the beginning of his career, then you need a lot of information on this issue. To get these valuable data as possible during the working process, through trial and error, or else you can not spend a lot of time and just read one of my articles. In this article I would like to approach the issue of study courses. Even if you strongly believe that you are a new genius from the world of cooking, do not get too much on themselves to take - to prepare the dish perfectly from the first time possible to literally in one case in a million. That is why the stage for the development, creation and preparation of the first treats should be careful polishing process for the subsequent bringing dishes to perfection. I'll try to explain the essence of the grinding and the order of its execution, but first pay attention to the wording of the following rules:
The new menu must first try himself, then the investor, only then cooks, waiters.
The first to try the dish, to be yourself. You - my most severe critic, but it is mistaken to himself is not so scary, because you will always be aware of the reasons why this could happen. Offering to try the first dish to someone different from this list, you are risking incredibly, so I recommend to refrain from rash decisions and stick to this simple rule.
Once the idea is implemented, the main flaws are eliminated and you will be satisfied with the result, you can try to give a new dish to the investor. Why I prefer to stick to such a principle? To understand, I recommend a thought experiment and try to take the place of the investor - I assure you, this man certainly deserves the full participation in the process: after all, it's his restaurant, he arranged this thing, took you to work and gave an opportunity to work. The manifestation of trust and offer a novelty to taste one of the first will be a gesture of respect, which, of course, extremely important in the working process. If the dish is good, you can always defend it, concentrating on its strengths - supplying original, the idea of ​​profitability.
If you get approval from an investor, I recommend to entrust the preparation of the cooks, but do not forget to follow closely the process. This is a good decision, because then will not have to spend time to cook time to learn the technology and understand the gastronomic combinations.
Next should follow the tasting. I have seen cases where the chefs prefer to omit this point, closed and tried to do everything myself, and I believe this approach is wrong and counterproductive. - Your task is to organize the whole process of quality study courses from the idea itself to full approval.
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