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The "laboratory" or provocative gastronomy. Levitation.

For me, this was the result of a joint measure of effective work. Monitoring revealed no analogues . My dishes are now flying ! Oh, and it 's not a fantasy . In the entree you can already find the recipe for a flying meringue . In the same blog, I will describe in more detail the processes that occur during levitation.What is levitation ? Excerpt from Wikipedia : Levitation (from Latin . Levitas « ease , lightness ") - a phenomenon in which an object with no visible supports floating in space ( ie levitating ) is not attracted to a solid or liquid surface. Also levitation is not considered a flight , performed by the repulsion from the air , like insects or birds. On cooling the superconductor in an external constant magnetic field at the time of the transition to the superconducting state, the magnetic field is completely displaced from its scope. This differs from the ideal superconductor wire whose resistance falls in zero magnetic induction in the amount should be kept unchanged.Absence of a magnetic field in the conductor can be concluded from the general law of magnetic fields that it exists only a surface current. He is physically real, and so it takes some thin layer near the surface. The magnetic field inside the superconductor current destroys the external magnetic field. In this respect, the superconductor behaves formally as the perfect diamagnetic . However, it is diamagnetic , since inside the magnetization vanishes .In other words, we fix a superconductor with a strong magnet at the right distance and cooled with liquid nitrogen . Let me remind you that the boiling point of liquid nitrogen is -195,75 ° C. Thus , situated on the magnet compliments from the chef hovers in the air. The trap of the magnetic field is so strong to withstand the full weight of the snack. When you create a video , we conducted a small survey . On the street asking the question " Do you believe in flying meringue ? " People , at least , did not understand what was going on . My guests who saw such filings in the restaurant, were impressed . But the most important for me , the indicator : the project "Laboratory" works! Those wishing to participate in my project may request by writing me an email . We are looking for a strong team of professionals to change the association in the world of cooking . If you can help , please contact us , it will not remain without attention ! The following experiments of the " laboratory " courses designed to glow in total darkness . Experiments have shown that it is too real! Let me remind you . The " lab " is based on the basis of the International Alliance of Cook's in 2011 and is a private work of specialists in different fields of activity. Follow the work of " Lab ".
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