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Progesterone: description and norm in the body

Progesterone - a hormone created in the female and male body. In the first case it ovaries produce, in the second - the testes. Progesterone - one of many hormones that perform essential functions of the sexual sphere.
Description and norm
When the pregnancy hormone progesterone menstrual cycle ends. It does not allow the uterus to contract, stimulates its growth, helps in the development of tissues and stimulates the formation of sebum. The hormone prepares the uterus for the fertilized egg is already fixing, helping her settle in the body and contributes to the nurturing of the child.
The norm in the body is regulated by menstrual phase. The proportion of women in the body - from 0.32 to 56.64 nmol / L. In case if the girl is in a position - from 8.9 to 771.5 nmol / l (depending on the particular month of pregnancy). Menopause is characterized by the following indicators: a maximum of 0.64 nmol / L. From 0.32 to 0.64 nmol / L - is a male norm.
Progesterone and food
To increase hormone levels eat foods that are rich in selenium. This egg, rice, corn, pistachio nuts, wheat, beans, peas. This trace mineral also contains liver (pork, beef) and octopus. Take vitamins C, E, B6, or eat foods high in these vitamins: first of all, is a citrus fruit, soy, oil (vegetable, cottonseed, soybean) and pine nuts.
Lower levels of the hormone can be as follows: Limit the consumption of foods that increase. Buy more low-fat foods, daily brew and drink tea with natural mint.
Low hormone levels indicative of hormonal failure. This entails uterine bleeding, inflammation of the reproductive system, the lack of function of the placenta and corpus luteum (temporary gland in the ovary, which signals that have passed in this cycle of ovulation). Also, the level of decline may cause miscarriage in the I trimester, prolonged pregnancy and the intrauterine development of the child.
Excessively high levels seen in patients with renal insufficiency, the corpus luteum cyst, various abnormalities in the placenta, as well as deviations from the normal amount of hormones in the adrenal glands. As in the case of lowering, uterine bleeding may occur. Increasing the amount of progesterone can occur when taking various medicinal preparations.
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