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Simple recipes

"The concept is simple" - so says a famous proverb, and it's really hard to argue. In order to surprise the family original dishes, not necessarily to spend countless hours in the kitchen and buy expensive, exotic products. Diversify casual dinner and turn it into a real feast can be without any effort, you just use your imagination, be creative and use other people's ideas, simple recipes and then will play in a new way.
All the familiar chips - certainly a very simple dish, and it can diversify and make more interesting. Potatoes fried in a mixture of butter and olive oil with crushed garlic cloves. Mushrooms and herbs finely chopped and added near the end of cooking. In the same way you can beat other simple dishes - dumplings, pasta with cheese, egg dishes, casseroles.
Ideas original recipes soups and a lot - for example, you can cook vegetable soup with roasted peppers and boiled millet. During the fast, you can try to bake cauliflower and broccoli in the oven, watering vegetable oil and sprinkle with spices and herbs, and then mix in a blender. You can cook vegetables and meat soup in ceramic pots - this dish does not require much time, but the result is really stunning. Also very interesting simple recipes cheese soups and soup with smoked.
To prepare an original, interesting and delicious salad, and there is no need to invent some dishes. National salads, as a rule, easy to prepare, tasty and they use the available products. The best salad recipes can be found on the website. To prepare original salad, you can also rely on your taste and imagination - who knows, maybe it is you invent a new recipe that ever love the whole world.
Diversify second course will help an interesting mix of simple products - mushrooms, fish, vegetables, cheese, meat and cream. If you are not a fan of the experiments you can surprise loved feeding method or original sauce - honey mustard, mint, cranberry, cream and lemon, sesame.
Complete lunch or dinner can be delicious homemade cakes - this is where really there are no limits. Cakes, pastries, cakes, muffins - all of which can have an unusual shape and stunning in its originality filling. As you can see, simple recipes can be very interesting and at the same time tasty.
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