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The work of the chef or as a rest for four days.

Six month contract is over. There are three job offers from different cities: chief position in two new restaurants and one in working restaurant. I need a little bit time to make a right decision although I have already made it. I should turn over my duties and have a rest. Have a rest! This is a sweet word which hasn’t given me moments of peace for a long time. I can’t have a full rest because of work. As it says strike while the iron is hot. But three-four days I could find. Rest for a chief it is a kind of luxury. Your datebook is always full of notes, tasks. Sometimes you don’t know what will be during the day. You can get a surprise from everywhere. That is why when you can find few days off you begin to appreciate it every minute. For me emotional splash and creative mood are expressed in active rest – full restart, adrenalin spit, brain is off. Also it is important to change your environment. It always has a good impact on new ideas. Effective chief work is a huge creative potential which growth feeble without rest. Now it is time to choose a rest. Wakeboard, aqua bike these I really needed. Half of year without adrenalin – home, work. In St. Petersburg there is a good place for a aqua bike ride, on the Gulf of Finland. I didn’t think long. I found and bought an electronic ticket to the airplane in 20 minutes. The flight is in a few days. Next day of the contract ends. I bought two tickets. One is for a known chief. He has a work in St. Petersburg. I decided to have a rest with him. Registration is in the morning. Takeoff. Moscow. We should take a cup of coffee and a cheesecake. There is a gate number 35 in front of us as on the boarding ticket which we got in Kazan. We didn’t follow the time. We would sit longer if didn’t hear our names on loudspeaker. The voice insisted to come to the gate 50. Indeed, it is takeoff time. Nearly didn’t rest in Moscow. The full bus was waiting only for us. We felt uneasy.  Two hours and we are in St. Petersburg. I like to travel with one small bag and when somebody meets you at the airport. Such moments I forget that I am chief. Hey-ho and we are on the Gulf of Finland in resort area. Now we have a big bag with a wet suit. White “Yamaha” is waiting near the bank, there are almost no people. White sand, big beach and I am in the wet suit. Set afloat. Straddle the bike. I feel anxious presentiment of adrenalin in the blood. I push gas pedal and swam out. Here is the moment I waited so much! I push the gas pedal on maximum, made an abrupt turn and shift the center of gravity for a balance.  15 minutes and your hands grow numb; you have a short breath as you were running 5 km. The body is in maximum tension. I have also a board. I tried wakeboard last year and got hooked on it. I feel the speed on 100%. I fixed fastenings.

The most difficult was at the beginning when I just learnt. Now I do it from the first attempt. The water is quiet, very appropriate for drive. Bike gains speed and I start to manoeuvre to change lanes. The speed is 90 km/h. It is not so nice to fall down. But it has happened. I didn’t understand what happened – just roll over, didn’t understand where your head was, and where your legs were. Glasses and the board are dropped out. The reason of the fall was unlocked fastenings. I was picked up and taken to the shore. I was under huge impression! I was overfilled with emotions! I felt pleasant tiredness. I really needed such rest. It helped me to leave all unnecessary information about my previous work in the Gulf of Finland, to start new tasks. St. Petersburg as usually leaves nostalgia and lots of positive emotions. I adore this city. Now I can again work as a chief. How would you have a rest in these three days?

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