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Development of the restaurant concept

No restaurant can exist without an idea, but the concept itself is too ephemeral and unstable, because restaurateurs use such a multidimensional and capacious concept as the restaurant concept. Ideas for opening a restaurant, swarming in your head - this is the rudimentary stage of the concept development, the concept is a structured description of your idea and subsequent refinement. The development of the concept of the restaurant can play a decisive role in the fate of your institution, the formula is simple: do not want your business to fall apart in the first months of existence - carefully think everything long before the discovery, calculate and write on paper.
It is not entirely reasonable and even counterproductive to develop the concept of the restaurant yourself, if you do not have the relevant experience and knowledge in this area, you will waste your time senselessly, drag yourself to a standstill and in the end simply become disillusioned in this direction of business. It is more clever to turn to a person who owns a volume of necessary information and skills, that is, to me. I propose to contact me in a convenient way and discuss all the details:
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What will include the concept of your restaurant, if you contact me?
1. We will discuss your specific situation in order to further consider all ideas and wishes. You can apply for developing a restaurant concept from scratch, or I can completely rework what you already have so that it starts to function and develop in the right direction;
2. In the future, we will start from the initial data. First of all we will work out how the interior will be decorated;
3. The next stage is the development of the restaurant menu. Particular attention is paid to pricing policy. I also suggest developing the menu as a separate service - you can contact me even if you only need to work out this moment;
4. Then it will be possible to proceed with the selection and purchase of the necessary equipment and utensils. My experience in this area will help you avoid unnecessary acquisitions and unnecessary expenses;
5. Next, we will select staff and conduct training;
6. And with the final chord I will share with you the secrets of the promotion, I will render all possible assistance in this direction - together we will calculate the optimal budget and choose the most effective methods.
Working out the concept together with me is a guarantee that your restaurant will prosper for many years. Write to me that you need to develop a restaurant concept, and you will rid yourself of a whole range of problems, both real and potential. Business owners who miss this moment face extremely unpleasant things that do not exactly contribute to the development of the business - the failure of terms, poor quality of services provided, economic losses and even a complete closure of the restaurant without any hope of any rehabilitation.
What difficulties can you face if you start developing the restaurant concept yourself?
1. The problem is at the very first stage, namely when choosing the main idea of ​​the restaurant concept. Stumble on this will only happen if you have absolutely no imagination. Another point - the idea may be simply unsuccessful. When you apply for the development of a restaurant concept to a person who has years of practice behind you, you can be sure that he will be able to determine the viability of your idea, make corrections and tell you how to do better;
2. When designing and creating the interior, choosing the location of the restaurant and finding the right premises, it's easy to make mistakes - small, in your opinion, details and small nuances can destroy the bright future of your establishment;
3. Recruitment is also a challenge for the beginner. Errors can be mass - inappropriate service style, inexperienced employees, insufficient training and so on;
4. Everything that concerns money. One of the main goals of a businessman who decided to open his own restaurant is his economic justification. So, you have to calculate everything to a penny, otherwise the matter will be simply unprofitable. Also, a lot of pitfalls await you at the stages of recruitment and determination of the level of wages, the acquisition of equipment, the choice of suppliers and others.
Applying for the development of the concept of the restaurant to me, you definitely will not fill yourself with cones, get rid of unnecessary feelings and will be in absolute advantage.
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