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Development of a menu for a restaurant, cafe, bar

I think you know perfectly well that a well-designed menu is the basis for the success of any cafe, restaurant, and bar, too. Of course, the beautiful design of the room, the unusual name, the successful location – all this is very, very important. But will the institution become successful if it is frankly poorly fed? No. It is the food that makes the guests come back again and again and tell their friends what a wonderful cuisine in the restaurant where they were yesterday.
Updating and developing the menu of a restaurant, cafe, bar – why do you need it?
So why update the menu if everything works fine anyway? First of all, for the sake of the guests. To attract new ones and retain old ones. Guests always respond positively to fresh items on the menu. Especially if such dishes are, as they say, in the trend. Many people have already heard about them, but few have tried them.
Such dishes can become a" chip " of the restaurant. Guests will come to try new products.
Do not forget about seasonal products. Their use significantly reduces the cost of the dish. But when the season ends, these items should be excluded from the menu and replaced with something.
If your business model is based on attracting new visitors and retaining regular guests, updating, developing the menu of a restaurant, cafe or bar will be very useful and profitable for you.
How is the process of developing a restaurant menu, what to pay attention to?
The need to update the menu does not cause you any doubts. But where can I find a specialist who will do this work? Especially economical restaurateurs can take the risk and independently introduce a couple of new dishes. Take a ready-made recipe, come up with a creative name – it's not difficult. And here is the first order! Great, you guessed it, the dish is in demand! But do you know what's likely to happen next? You will be surprised, but the restaurant's profit will begin to decrease.
Why would this happen? Before answering this question, I will tell you how I approach the question of creating a menu.
1. I monitor the current menu. Fudkost, ABC analysis, passability of dishes, adaptability and labor costs during cooking, organoleptics, design, general reviews and impressions of guests, write-offs, documentation, work of chefs and waiters, their knowledge.
2. Having fixed the initial indicators, I approve the work plan and concept with the investor. I prescribe in the contract the terms of work, the pricing policy, the specific actions of the work and what the customer receives at the output.
3. The development of the menu for a restaurant or cafe takes place in 70% of the customer's kitchen, during the process cooks and sous-chefs are involved, so they quickly remember the technological processes and gain new knowledge.
4. After working through the menu of a restaurant, cafe or bar, I make the appropriate documentation. This is the TTK, QC and cost price, the recommended selling price, training material for the hall staff, the matrix of products and suppliers.
5. As soon as I understand that my menu is balanced in all respects and I like it first of all, I offer, if necessary, a choice of items from the menu for tasting to the investor. In my experience, 50% of customers trust me and try the menu after launch.
6. The next stage is professional photography. I bring equipment, lights, backgrounds, and take photos of dishes from different angles for documentation and chefs, training materials, social networks, and a website. I print it in A4 format to form a folder with the TTK.
7. Training of the kitchen and hall staff. Tastings of each position for the restaurant staff. Each cook must make and try their position several times. Learn by heart the TTK dishes of your shop, so as not to waste time searching for information when ordering. Waiters, administrators, and the manager are required to try all the menus, in parallel, I tell you about each dish. After training, I take exams. To do this, the staff answers a number of questions in writing, which would exclude bias and corruption.
8. Working with a PR manager and designer. We discuss the development strategy, the menu design and its printing. My menu is my name! It is important for me that it is perfect, so I use my resources to promote it. This way the restaurant gets extra guests.
9. Test period and launch of the restaurant, cafe, bar menu. Monitoring at this stage should be mandatory.
In my opinion, new items in the menu should meet several criteria. Taste, relevance, beauty – this is not even discussed. It is much more important how they will "fit" into the existing ecosystem of your restaurant and whether they will fit at all. What is it about? Here is a simple example:
Let's say there is a beef steak on the menu. To serve the guest, we portion it. What to do with the trim? Correctly. Beef tartare appears on the menu. We fully used the product. Nothing complicated. But if there are ten dishes, and each one has 5-7 ingredients?
Pitfalls when choosing a chef to develop a restaurant menu
Now do you understand why the restaurant's profit is likely to fall if you update the menu yourself? Yes, taste is very important for guests. But it is unlikely that you will take into account all the nuances of cooking technology and build a waste-free chain. And for the restaurant, it is important that every gram of the product goes into cooking. I think through the "intersections" of the products used in such a way that the write-offs of blanks and ingredients tend to zero.
All the dishes offered by me, I repeatedly work through. I bring the technology of their preparation to perfection. After all, even 5 minutes that you can save on cooking can really help you cope with the next Friday "heat" in the kitchen.
I generously share my knowledge with my customers and chefs. For each dish, I develop and attach a technological map. Any cook with a specialized education will be able to cook according to it. As you understand, the process of developing a menu for a restaurant, cafe, or bar is not a quick and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, when choosing a candidate, you should pay attention to the following factors::
• Work experience, portfolio and resume of the chef. Creativity and a view of the pitch is a very important point pay special attention to this
• Do not think that the development of the menu of a restaurant, cafe, bar can take place remotely, without the participation of the chef. Such people simply do not value their name and the quality of the original product. On average, the menu development process takes at least a month.
* Pay attention to the list of additional services when designing a menu for a restaurant or bar. Whether it includes professional photography, promotion, and audit. All these points individually are worth the money.
* Don't chase the number of dishes on the menu. Quality comes first. An axiom proven over the years - the more dishes on the menu, the lower the quality. The development of the talmut menu will cost you much more, both in terms of payment and in terms of time with costs and write-offs.
Prices for the development of the restaurant menu
It doesn't matter what location you have. Where in the world is your restaurant, cafe or bar? It is important what qualifications the specialist will perform this work. For 2021, the average amount of development of a dish is 2500r, but again I recommend that you carefully look at what is included in this amount.
Entrusting this work to me, you will get a whole, well-developed menu, in which each position is justified in terms of taste, economy, promotion, quality.
Price from 150t. p.
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You can travel anywhere in the world.
Guests will come back to you again and again, knowing that you can always surprise them with a welcome.
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