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Development of a menu for the restaurant from Roman Trusov

Without the menu it is difficult to imagine the existence of absolutely any institution - this element can be safely called the main component of the foundation of every prosperous restaurant. And the more responsible the owner approaches to the development of the menu of the restaurant - the more chances for a successful start or a happily completed act of rehabilitation of the already operating restaurant business. I'm glad to offer you the development of a menu for a turnkey restaurant - I suppose anyone who imagines how difficult this process is and how many nuances it includes will not refuse the opportunity to shift this responsibility to the broad shoulders of a real professional.
If you decide to use my services, to start developing a menu for a restaurant is easy - just contact me at one of the contacts listed below:
• E-mal:
• Mobile: +7 (906) 225-65-97
Then everything depends on the goals and tasks, but in general the algorithm will almost always look something like this:
• You provide primary information, information about the concept of the institution and price range, and also indicate whether you want to develop a menu from scratch or you want to apply for updating an already existing menu;
• Prepayment is made in the amount of 50% of the total amount of the order;
• Development of a menu project for your restaurant;
• There is a discussion of the menu and, if necessary, making corrections to the project being developed;
• After the project menu is approved, it is necessary to work out the menu items together with your staff, tasting and making adjustments in accordance with the situation;
• Further we are engaged in the preparation of technological documentation, which will be required for further work, we make a calculation, we make purchase sheets and so on.
So, what will the final menu include?
1. Cold dishes and snacks - 7 positions;
2. Hot appetizers - 4 positions;
3. Soups - 4-5 positions;
4. Main courses - 7-10 positions;
5. Desserts - 5 items.
What else is necessary to know if you order the development of a restaurant menu from scratch from me?
• Approximate cost - 150 000 rubles. The cost may depend on the initial data, your personal wishes regarding the menu, the characteristics of the institution;
• The project implementation period is from 1 to 2 months;
• If you are not from St. Petersburg, the development of the menu is also possible.
I have developed a lot of menus for a variety of restaurants, and I can say that most often the ultimate goal of applying for such a service is to increase the profitability of the institution. And, of course, you would like to know - will it be economically feasible to implement the menu I created? Will the recycling of the existing menu pay off?
The development of a menu for a restaurant is capable of performing miracles, if performed with knowledge of the matter. However, a considerable share of responsibility lies with the owner, the boss and his subordinates. I will list the main principles and conditions that should be observed after you have ordered this service from me:
1. Personnel will have the appropriate level of training;
2. Your restaurant should not experience shortages of labor - even in times of peak loads, you will have to cope with demand;
3. In work it is necessary to use quality products, and the prices must correspond to the level;
4. Developing a menu for the restaurant will be useless if the chefs do not follow the technological documentation, nor should you wait for excellent results if your kitchen has a large staff turnover.
Ordering the development of a menu for a restaurant is an excellent investment in your business at any stage of its development. A thoughtful, high-quality menu will "work" for you and your business is not one year old, and investments will pay off handsomely. If you need a menu development service for a restaurant, then contact me in any convenient way.
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