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The most delicious cheesecake recipe, history, and the subtleties of cooking

Cheesecake - a cheese cake, that's literally translated from the English name of the dessert. He is so popular in America that has become part of many stories feature films and books. But the story of its origin goes into the more distant past, first we began to prepare this dish in Greece, and then cheesecake recipe was in the United States.
Subtleties cooking
To make cheesecake correctly, you must strictly observe the proportions of ingredients, as well as to know some of the subtleties.
Dessert made of different kinds of cheese, but is considered a traditional cake made of cheese Philadelphia. It is not often seen in a conventional supermarket, because many of his attempt to cook at home. Philadelphia cheese has a thick consistency, it is more like a cheese curd, which has a creamy-buttery flavor. Because for making cheese at home often use a fat sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs.
Cheese will need to be mixed with other ingredients and whip, but better for it not to use the mixers, or include them on low speed.
In different countries, due to national preferences and peculiarities of mentality, using different kinds of cheese. In Italy - a ricotta cheese, and in Germany - cottage cheese.
Cookies laid out on the bottom of the form. For this purpose any buy sugar biscuits crumble and mixed with oil. You can make a cake from sugar dough with your hands.
Additional ingredients
Initially cheesecake recipe included only ingredients such as biscuits, sugar, cream and cheese. Some restaurants in the US and now serves him in this form. But there are many ingredients that complement the taste. Often used chocolate, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, jam from berries.
Sometimes even make the salty version of cheesecake with fresh herbs or seafood, but then it will not be a classic dessert and snack. Vanilla is undesirable to use it to score his smell all the other ingredients.
Curd dessert has delicate texture inside, because it is quite difficult to remove from the solid form. Better to buy a special form with a removable bottom. The bottom of the need to lay a parchment.
Cheesecake recipe involves the use of a fairly gentle ingredients that need moisture during cooking. Because the form is put on the pan or bowl of water when placed in the oven. Water should not be much about the bottom of the mold. It is also necessary to consider what form of removable bottom watertight, because it can be put over the water.
How to remove the cheesecake from the oven
One of the subtleties of cooking cheesecake is that it can not immediately get out of the oven. Dessert not removed from the oven for 30-40 minutes after bake it, in order that it cools more slowly. If the cake quickly removed from the oven, then because of the sudden changes in temperature, he will settle and crack. At the end of the dessert put in the refrigerator for 2 hours, where it acquires the desired consistency.
Popularity cheesecake
Cheesecake is most popular in America and Western Europe. However, this dessert is, in almost every part of restaurant menus European cuisine around the world. The first recipe for cheesecake was written in the 3rd century AD, and since then it has changed many times. Unchanged remains only that any cheesecake - a dish of cheese, which is composed of other ingredients baked in the oven. Classic cheese "Philadelphia" was prepared for the first time it is in New York, because many Americans believe their national dish of dessert.
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