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Recipes salad "Mimosa"

This is a fairly versatile salad that will work equally well as a look at the festive table, and next to the main course during the normal lunch or dinner. As with salad and herring under a fur coat, Mimosa is a traditional New Year's salad. Here are some of the best recipes salad Mimosa for all occasions.
A classic recipe with Mimosa saury
To begin, consider the recipe salad "Mimosa" with the classic method of supplying. The preparation of this feast takes time, but it is not too expensive - great for a holiday.
• Canned saury - 200 g;
• Potatoes - 2-3 pcs;
• Cheese - 100 g;
• Bulb - 1 pc;
• Mayonnaise - 250g;
• Carrots - 3 pieces;
• Eggs - 3-4 pieces;
• Fresh herbs.
The process of preparing the salad "Mimosa"
1. The roots and boil the eggs in a separate bowl;
2. Grind the onion. To get rid of the bitterness should be little to hold it in boiling water;
3. While the vegetables are cooked, take a nice salad bowl and put it saury. Evenly distribute it along the bottom. Next to it is a matter mayonnaise;
4. Egg salad "Mimosa" cool. Proteins rub or finely cut, spread and smeared with mayonnaise, egg yolks and leave - they will be needed later;
5. Vegetables cooled, grate carrots and should send in a bowl, season with mayonnaise;
6. The dried from excess fluid bow neatly laid out in a bowl. Rub the potatoes (or you can just potoloch to puree the state), add salt and put it right on the bow without making mayonnaise layer between them;
7. Now rub the cheese and is also sent to the other components of salad Mimosa. Top cheese require a generous layer of mayonnaise;
8. The most important thing - Sodium yolks, carefully and evenly distributed over the surface of lettuce. They have to "stick" to the mayonnaise.
9. We send our salad in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, so he insisted. Do not forget to decorate pre-cooked greens, which can be cut or create a composition of leaves.
Lazy-step recipe Mimosa
Now consider the "lazy" version of cooking salad "Mimosa". It will not take much time, and indeed quite budget, so it fits perfectly into a regular dinner with a touch of holiday.
• Canned fish in oil - one of the bank;
• Two medium onions;
• Cheese - 100 g;
• Mayonnaise - 150-200 m;
• 5 eggs;
• A bunch of herbs to taste.
Tip: You can make superlenivuyu "Mimosa", if you have a good shredder products and you do not try to buy the beautiful appearance dishes. Just grind food before it cut them into small pieces, and do not rub them.
The process of preparing the salad "Mimosa"
1. Eggs must boil while you do the rest of the paragraph;
2. sodium cheese. Finely cut onions. Merge with canned fish excess oil;
3. Eggs cool. Separately rub - first white, then the yolk ..
4. Now that we have prepared all the ingredients, it's time to start assembling the salad "Mimosa".
5. Take the dishes. Plates, if we want to make a beautiful bowl or to get faster. Starting stack layers in a standard manner - it all starts with the fish, spread with mayonnaise, followed by whites, cheese and sauce again. Next, - onions, mayonnaise and, of course, is not without yolks.
6. Salad "Mimosa" can be eaten immediately, garnished with parsley, or to soak in a cool place.
Very tasty recipe Mimosa
Another variation of preparation salad "Mimosa" - in the style of the restaurant. This recipe takes a lot of time to prepare, and will cost a bit more expensive. It is suitable for a romantic evening for two - a small, beautifully designed piece of - what you need. To give a special singularity "Mimosa" should be served in a deep glass.
Ingredients for 2 servings
• Salmon fillet - 250 g;
• Onion - 180g;
• Eggs - 5 pieces;
• Carrots - 200 g;
• Butter - 40 g;
• Any hard cheese - 60 g;
• Mayonnaise - 150g;
• Red caviar (preferably, but you can not) - 50-100 m;
• A bunch of dill;
• Black pepper.
The process of preparing the salad "Mimosa"
1. The first step is to boil salmon fillet. Season with salt, add black pepper. In a separate container cook carrots. And in another - eggs.
2. At this time, loans preparing the remaining ingredients: we shall cut onions finely. Fry it in vegetable oil.
3. Rub the cheese on a fine grater and put off into a separate bowl. Now you have to rub the butter, or you can just leave it to melt, then stir with a fork.
4. By this time, all that is needed for the salad "Mimosa", have to cook. We took out and allowed to cool.
5. whites and yolks should be rubbed separately, the fish - cut into small cubes;
6. It's time to collect the salad. Take a beautiful bowl or cup and spread layers of ingredients. First, salmon, fried onions on top. Evenly lubricates mayonnaise. Then the protein. Again mayonnaise. Now carrots, which we sprinkle with cheese. And in the end the resulting grease with butter, and butter sypem finely frayed yolks. We make a small indentation on top and go to sleep to our caviar. Decorate the salad "Mimosa" greens. You can and should have immediately, bon appetit!
Diet recipes Mimosa with saury
And finally, as a bonus, a dietary option cooking salad "Mimosa". Especially for those who love this salad, but deny yourself the pleasure to eat it because of the diet.
• Canned saury, not oil - 200 g;
• Eggs, fresh, with bright yolks - 3 pieces;
• Carrots - 4 pieces;
• Onions - 1 large onion;
• A bunch of green;
• If the diet allows, take a potato - three large potatoes, but if not, then we take the same amount of apples;
• If the diet allows, take a lighter mayonnaise, if not - take the cream, which is mixed with salt and spices to taste, with mustard.
The process of preparing the salad "Mimosa"
1. If we decide to take the potatoes, then boil it if apple - simply cut. Also it is necessary to cook the eggs. Carrots, in contrast to the original recipe salad "Mimosa", we will not boil - so more vitamins.
2. Cooked potatoes and eggs are cooled, and ground to a grater. Potatoes on a large, egg whites, too, to her, and the yolks on a fine.
3. Rub the carrots. Finely cut onions.
4. Dietary salad "Mimosa" it is necessary to issue beautifully in compensation to remove from the prescription of harmful products. We take a broad transparent mug. Or better yet, high confectionery ring with a small diameter.
5. In the resulting capacity spread layers: potatoes or apple, mayonnaise on top of the mesh will do. Next lay canned saury and onion salad with mayonnaise cover again. Further proteins, carrots and mayonnaise again, and finally our salad sprinkled with egg yolks.
6. If you used a ring, remove it. It remains only to add the greens - and you can begin to destroy salad "Mimosa".
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