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The origins of the cheese soup, the recipe of its preparation

In Europe, processed cheese soup became popular with the middle of the 20th century. In 1950 he started producing cream cheese in large quantities, as it did the first time in Switzerland in 1911.
A bit of historical facts about the cheese soup
Historians say that the cheese soup came to us from ancient times, because even then it was milk from it doing a variety of products that could be stored for a long time. The Slavs is a traditional cheese, salty cheese, which was the first ingredient in many dishes. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic was cooked in meat broth soup with noodles and cheese. In Greece and Italy, cheese soup was the main nutritious delicacy of the Olympic Games.
Cheese soup is considered to be of European dishes and restaurants in Western Europe offer visitors some of its varieties on the menu. In France, as the main ingredient are the cheeses - brie or Dorblu. In Italy, Parmesan cheese is mainly used, as well as adding crackers. It is important that crunches are not soaked before feeding, it is necessary to add them to the end. Quite a popular soup in a cream-sauce, which has a thick consistency. In our country, cheesy soup recipe at all different, depending on the tastes and preferences - one it is cooked only with vegetables, others meat broth, and sometimes soup and milk. Most used processed cheese diced or grated, is sometimes added to the Dutch or English cheddar cheese.
Standard recipe for the cheese soup broth Chicken
Ingredients per 2 liters of water: 2-3 medium sized potatoes; 3 processed cheese, 1 carrot, onion, 1 teaspoon salt, herbs, chicken meat - 500 grams of white bread.
Pre-prepare crunches is that they are cool before adding to the soup. To do this, white bread, cut into slices and spread on a baking sheet, the laid parchment. After 20 minutes in the oven on low heat, crackers are ready.
Then you need to simmer, boil chicken for about 20 minutes, then added to peeled and diced potatoes. He should be well seethe, sometimes potatoes removed and further fray into a puree. Grated processed cheese rub, but you can just chop them finely dice.
Fry in butter finely chopped onion for about 1 minute, and then added to the grated carrots.
In the broth add sliced ​​processed cheese, finely chopped greens, fried carrot, onion and salt to taste. After 5-7 minutes the soup is ready. At the very end before feeding according to the recipe cheese soup, you can add pre-cooked crisps. It is one of thousands of common recipes, in my opinion, not very successful.
My favorite recipe cheese soup
My favorite cheese soup recipe is based on chicken broth and vegetables. That soup hit the liver I did not fry vegetables, especially butter. The cheese is enough fat and he is a very high-calorie. I use several cheeses, but the soft cream cheese "amber" or "Viola". From vegetables well suited cauliflower, peppers, onions, carrots and potatoes. All vegetables can be ground blender except potatoes. This vegetable contains high amounts of starch, so it is best to enter at the end in the form of puree. Puree wrinkled and not crushed in a blender. Good soup complement other cheeses in the filing.
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