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Recipes of the test, the subtleties of cooking and types

Dough recipe includes various ingredients. Key - water, flour, eggs, salt, sugar, butter, sour cream and yeast. Sometimes they use additional leavening, leaven, to make certain properties.
Types of dough
There are many types of test, the main ones: yeast, pancakes, cereal, biscuit, shortbread, fresh, sweet, flaky pastry and brewing. Food Technology differ both in composition of ingredients, and in time, humidity and temperature conditions.
Yeast dough
Both dry and normal yeast suitable for kneading dough. Dry need three times less. Features cooking that yeast begin active life in a warm and sweet environment. Because, to wake them up, enough to pour the yeast into warm and sweet milk or water, put on 20 minutes in a warm place. The milk should be at a temperature of 30 degrees. The process starts from the very first minutes, the formation of a dense foam from yeast. There are also technologies where fermentation takes place at lower temperatures, such as 7 degrees. You can make a mixture of sponge method and without oparnym. Opara makes it possible to quickly activate the yeast. It should take more than the dishes, or foam or dough can climb over the ledge. When sponge method yeast mixed with all the other ingredients after their activation. Sift the flour, it is desirable that it is full of oxygen. The quality of the flour and the result depends on the product. Gluten may be different from this ratio is changing fluid.
Time cooking dough, on average, from 40 minutes to 2 hours. But there are some recipes where the dough is suitable day. Usually kneaded dough put in a warm place for 2 hours "approach", during which time it should be 2 times mash hands. Then from dough made cakes, muffins or other pastries, baking spread and leave for another 10-20 minutes. To pastries from sticking, baking parchment and grease with veiled it with vegetable oil. Baking put in the oven for 20-30 minutes, depending on the weight of the product. It is important during baking open the oven, because it is gaining shape while baking. The more fat in the test the harder it rises.
Short pastry
Shortbread dough is different from other types in that it has more fat, use a large amount of butter or margarine gives a special texture baking. Shortbread dough before baking, is placed for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator. This dough recipe for creating sand cakes, cookies and other baked goods.
Pancake batter
Pancake batter for pancakes and muffins, cook it all easier and faster. To do this, just mix the sugar, flour, egg and milk in the right proportions. Over the batter used for making pancakes, but the consistency of the dough like sour cream, suitable for pancakes. To pancakes were fluffy, add a little soda, slaked with vinegar. Bake the pancake batter can be immediately, as long as it was uniform. Before you pour the next batch of pancake batter into the pan, it is shaken or stirred. Pancakes easier oven in a pan with low bumpers. Frying oil should be a good warm up to pancakes will not stick. Vegetable oil is not poured into a pan, it is lubricated surface. If a lot of oil, it can be carefully drained from the pan.
Biscuit dough
The recipe for the biscuit dough involves whipping eggs, but first you need to divide whites and yolks. It is important that the proteins did not get a drop of yolk, otherwise they will not be whipped. Separately, whisking whites and yolks with the sugar, all mixed and add the flour. If whisking by hand, it takes a lot of time better to use a mixer. Biscuit dough is baked immediately, or after a certain time, it will lose the right consistency. The cooking time in the oven - about 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the cake. Biscuit dough does not like changes in temperature, because it must be cooled slowly.
There are other dough recipes. It is believed that puff harder and longer to cook everything, and Choux pastry made directly on the fire in a pan, it is also not easy. Fresh dough for dumplings or noodles cook almost every woman but it does have a lot of subtleties.
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