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Why do non-standard recipes?

In my life, I have often met people who did not understand: why do custom salad recipes that you can prepare a dish familiar and time-tested way. Poured into a bowl of borscht with floating laurel leaf and sweet peas, tossed aluminum spoon sour cream and be happy with that prepared. As they say, "Bon appetit, please sit down to eat!" Witchcraft at the plate and experiments with combinations of products caused them sincere bewilderment. Nobody argues that unconventional cook a dish - a kind of risk. Be too clever by half the risk of the proportions and get unsavory combination, the risk of losing money and time. But, do not you remember banal wisdom: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"? First, I would like to clarify one caveat. Each country has its own culinary traditions and culture of the current supply. So unusual recipes of soups, appetizers, desserts can be divided into several types. • Dishes with unusual, exotic ingredients. For example, grasshoppers salad with pineapple. Such a pleasure really is not for everyone, not everyone will be solved as the original sample pudding. • Food combining, at first glance, it would seem, can not be combined with other ingredients. Here, there are very many examples. At least a salad of citrus (orange, grapefruit) and red fish with onions, olives and red hot pepper. • Dishes, traditional for us, but made ​​quite a different recipe. Take the same familiar to us "Olivier". And try to replace meat squid, peas - corn. Well? You feel new, awesome flavors? Conjure in the kitchen: the beauty of unconventional dishes And now let us still think: why do non-standard recipes salads and other delicacies? On this question there are a million answers. But we confine most important advantages. 1. Our eating habits eventually ceases to cause any emotions. Receptors blunt. The process of eating becomes mechanical, and the dish itself seems bland. But it is necessary to cook it outside the box, and the taste will sparkle with new colors. 2. Cooking need with love. While the stove every day cooking process turns into a habit for us. We throw in the soup products and do all over battered scenario. Why not revive feelings? You will experience double the fun: feel magician in the kitchen and home will rejoice. 3. Feeding dish on the table for a non-standard recipe you arrange for a small celebration. It's like with clothes. Change the old robe with boxers for evening suit with a tie, and immediately change the world around. Create and amaze all unconventional recipes, and then in your kitchen will always reign supreme comfort and excitement. As the slogan of the English version of the International Alliance Chef and cook: «Spise up your life»!
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