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Recipes soups from around the world, their features

There are a variety of soups, every family has their favorite dishes first. In Russia, most often boiled in meat broth soup with noodles or buckwheat, hodgepodge, pickle, soup - a traditional Russian cuisine. In Mediterranean countries, has long been revered soups with marine life. For example, the famous soup "poor" bouillabaisse, which is made from fish, shrimp, oysters. It is a bit like a hodgepodge, but instead of meat ingredients, used different fish. Georgian soup kharcho lovers of spices, however, it is very nutritious. French and Italian cuisine has become popular around the world, onion and cheese soup cooked in the restaurants of European orientation.
Types of soups
Soup recipes do not always say that it is necessary to cook and heat treated. After all, soups are hot and cold.
Okroshka - Russian dish, a cold soup, many families it is cooked in the summer, almost every day. It refreshes and tones in hot weather. The composition has a finely chopped vegetables, meat, everyone chooses the ingredients to your taste, and run by his traditional cold kvas or kefir. For this soup is better to do brew their own hands, as purchased in-store product has nothing to do with kvas - a set of dyes and flavors. Sometimes okroshka seasoned milk.
Recipes soups from Spain are very popular, especially cold Spanish gazpacho, main ingredient is tomatoes. Word gazpacho with Spanish translates as "remnants" for soup is ground tomatoes, cucumber, onion, add vinegar and olive oil. The origins of this soup says that he appeared in the XV century, in Andalusia. Now this area is considered a center of culture and national traditions, including the culinary. Later, cold gazpacho soup began to prepare in Portugal and the whole of Spain, and today it can be ordered in almost every restaurant of European cuisine.
Traditional Russian dish ear may be supplied both hot and cold. There are many kinds of fish soup - a white, red, black, team, sluggish, formation ... Also soup recipes vary by region, because there are ear Volga, the Don, the Arkhangelsk and others. Wuhu prepared from fish of different species separately allocate yushku of carp or crayfish. Initially, up to the XII century, soup broth is any fish, vegetables or meat. But later it came to be called exclusively soup dish made from fish.
You should not miss your attention hot first courses, soups recipes even more diverse. Hot liquid meals have a positive effect on the digestive tract. In yushke soup is usually a lot of vitamins and minerals that get there from boiled products.
Soljanka mostly served hot - it is a thick broth of various kinds of meat, sausages, pork, sometimes it is prepared only from the mushrooms. Hodgepodge also called villager, as it was originally a dish cooked in rural families. Then there was a lot of physical work and all family members had to feed the hearty, after which a long time want to eat. The hodgepodge certainly add a lot of spices, dill, parsley. In catering establishments often hodgepodge usually served with a slice of lemon and black olives, pitted.
Bouillabaisse - European counterpart Russian soups, soups recipes include filing it as hot and cold. This traditional French dish, which began to prepare a few hundred years ago the fishermen of Marseilles. While it is made from residues of fish, sometimes not very fresh, soup was considered a cheap meal. Now bouillabaisse offer the best European restaurants, and its price can reach 200 euros per plate. He became expensive because the ingredients, soup recipes involve the use of exotic marine life. Bouillabaisse is considered an aphrodisiac, there is a legend that the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite Hephaestus fed them.
Onion and cheese soup
Onion soup, too, came into the world of French gastronomy. The main secret of this soup in cooking onions - it saute in sunflower oil until golden brown, add the sugar to caramelize. A bit similar to this dish cheese soup, which also refers to French cuisine. Its main ingredient is cream cheese or cheddar cheese ...
Also, first courses are divided into vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, depending on what ingredients are provided in the soup recipe.
Milk Soup
Milk soup began to prepare since learned to milk the milk. It is very useful and easy to digest, it contains a lot of calcium and vitamins. Often it is prepared for children, because for them is very important bone growth. As part of the milk soup is not a lot of ingredients, the basis - this milk, and is used as additional semolina and buckwheat noodles. In Soviet times, the milk was part of the baby food, so it was considered useful. At this first meal sometimes add a little vanilla, salt, sugar.
Japanese soups
Japanese soups are also widespread throughout the world, as they are the ingredients in seaweed, shellfish, fish, soy sauce. They are quite exotic for the Russian people, belong to the eastern cuisine.
Recipes soups are different, because people began to prepare this dish since when got the fire and made the first vessel of ceramics. Like languages, soups have their own national differences. Soups are cooked all - poor and rich, from the fact that it was more affordable. Who is most often consumed soup for lunch, although there can be at any time. These meals are prepared each family, each catering establishments, regardless of nationality.
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