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Redtsepi Rene (Rene Redzepi) - conqueror of northern cuisine

"Many cooks do not take pride in their national cuisine.
It is believed that the other better. But just all the different dishes.
 Any vegetable can be more interesting than foie gras "
Rene Redtsepi
Culinary prodigy
Quite accidentally caught in a culinary school, Rene Redzepi has become one of the world's best chefs. How is this possible? The secret of success is not in his youth, and visual appeal, and how it relates to their work, to food and to their homeland.
Its restaurant has a beautiful name «Noma», is a compound word «Nordisk Mad» (Northern cuisine). The commitment of national Scandinavian kitchen Redtsepi brought real success. Its unique restaurant all dishes are created from historical products, growing or produced in the Scandinavian land. With, of course, popular and loved by many chefs standard products, garlic and olive oil, for example.
It attracts visitors to «Noma» its unusual interior. Establishments located in the port, in the premises of the salt warehouse, which was built a few centuries ago. Unpainted wooden beams, no tablecloths and animal skins make the interior brutal and really northern.
creative way
Rene Redzepi partly Danish and partly Macedonian of Albanian origin. His parents were not rich, but he never dreamed to devote his life to the culinary feats and was not going to open a restaurant. In culinary school I went with a friend for company. Then I worked in a restaurant in his native Copenhagen. After 4 years, on the advice of his "charismatic" chief, I went traveling.
The first stop on his journey was Europe, where he worked in an institution «El Bulli» (at 22, already was the youngest chef!) And «The French Laundry». The next destination was America. After some time spent in the country of the "American Dream", Rene returned to Copenhagen. In the 25 years he discovered «Noma» (2003). After 7 years, Redzepi released a book "Noma: Time and Place of the Scandinavian kitchen." She was named bestelerom 2010.
 Scandinavian dishes have to eat with your hands!
It thinks so Rene and demands it from its guests. Logically, how else can you have a "radishes in edible soil" or "blueberries in a natural environment"?
What else Redzepi serves its guests a brutal restaurant? It's simple. The menu includes "vegetables in butter", "Beef in caramel sauce with herbs and mushrooms," "Stone crab on the beach of the mustard", "perch with dill." There are dishes, the preparation and submission of which is a small cooking show. For example, the appetizer "Chicken and Egg" is prepared in front of guests.
What is offered as a dessert at the restaurant without tablecloths and napkins? Ice cream with different bases, jelly, juice poured sorrel and rapeseed oil. All desserts are decorated with fresh flowers and herbs gathered on the nearby meadows.
• Award from the famous «Restaurant» «The best restaurant of the world" in 2010, 2011,2012 and 2014,
• Two Michelin stars
Chef from Copenhagen sure that the food on the plate should look like it is growing on the ground. And the people who work with him should go into the forest and into the sea to collect the necessary ingredients for its northern dishes. Redzepi and his team goes on a journey to Scandinavia, searching for new plants, berries, roots and vegetables.
By opening his own restaurant, Rene set the task to the guest by going to the restaurant, you immediately know where and what it is. All food should be prepared of the products that "gives" to him the nature of the north.
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