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Molecular cuisine restaurant that awaits guest

Culinary physics
Culinary physics or experimental cooking often called molecular cuisine. People rush to the restaurants to try creative dishes from the virtuoso chefs. What is molecular cuisine? Formulate a clear definition is difficult. We can only describe the phenomenon. Cook, well versed in the chemical and physical properties of the products, with the help of modern technology tries to surprise and deceive authorities Guests feelings. The bottom line is that the appearance of the food and its taste should not correspond to the product of which it is cooked. Mixed culinary skills and science, in this cocktail every cook has added personal creativity and get the molecular cuisine.
Restaurants experimental cooking
Modern molecular cuisine restaurants do not bet on it to feed his guest, and the fact that his surprise, shock, leave perplexed. Transparent bread, liquid meat, spaghetti orange caviar with raspberry flavor or cherry beet - that molecular variants of the dishes that offer places to try their clients. How are they doing? Depending on the skill and imagination cooks. Products are processed incredibly low or very high temperatures, liquid nitrogen. They are converted into a foam or gel is separated into components using a centrifuge. Use a vacuum, dry ice or a smoking gun. Chefs-yourselfers produce different products with the wonderful ways of converting all food into masterpieces. The kitchen of the restaurant is more like a laboratory, and cook on obsessed scientists, producing outlandish experiments.
What will happen to the restaurant guest of molecular cuisine dishes?
Exotic, enthusiasm, creativity, magic food taste, elegant appearance dishes. It's minimum. Guests places where chefs hold culinary techniques of physics and chemistry, are waiting for a visit to the restaurant and magic turmoil. They want to feel like a hero of the book, science fiction writer, talking about space travel and gastronomic features of other planets and worlds.
But wait, not only guests of the restaurant fireworks taste and unique appearance design and unusual feeding dishes. They also want to saturation. Those who try molecular cuisine for the first time, waiting for a slight disappointment in that regard. After all, it is not intended to stave off hunger. Rather, for aesthetic pleasure, a pleasant surprise and a visual delight. This flavor experiment gastronomic theater show at the plate guest created a culinary genius illusionist.
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