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Restaurant from scratch.

Friends, in this article I want to share my experience as I open a restaurant from scratch. Of course, the process is complex and timid, but when there is an experience, and put the system, labor costs and investments are considerably reduced.
I will now deal directly with the launch of production, in other words, will share stages open kitchen. Because we all know that the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. Always recommend doing an open kitchen. Transparency and openness of production makes guest confidence. This is about the same as when you put the car on that and you can see through the transparent glass, what to do, what kind of oil is poured, not used any filters set. And our bodies as engine expensive foreign cars, not flooded and a doctor. The first thing to understand that the investor wants, the concept of institution, location of the facility, the budget. After analyzing these parameters, I transfer the volume of production in AutoCAD. Never trust the process to suppliers, although some do it for free. I am sure that the project should make the boss, who will work in the future, who knows the intricacies of the process. Do providers have their own interest and not always such a practice in the kitchen. Open a restaurant from scratch - a creative process. Determine the list of equipment, carefully pick up the manufacturer. I think do not need to spend money on expensive equipment. Russian manufacturers do not bad equipment, maintenance is cheaper, delivery time is less. Breaks down everything, but repair kits and spare parts at a price significantly different. In addition, there is a factor - the hands of assholes. Some cooks if not clearly explain everything can break. More some equipment like stuffed phone, where 70% of the functions used in practice. Why ask overpay? Although some better not to save, but such equipment is usually 20-30%. Then there is a stage monitor. I am sending a list of suppliers and analyze the proposals. When there are options begin to drop to the lowest price and negotiate the terms of delivery, payment, further maintenance. The investor provides all options with recommendations. Do in AutoCAD convenient layout for comfortable operation. The final choice is to do an investor, having before my eyes full information and analysis monitoring. The very same project with the removal of power supply, ventilation and water suppliers need to do, as the responsibility of maintenance and installation will be on them.
 Are realized until delivery of equipment, staff is recruited. To begin with enough backbone - sous-chefs that must be present on the elaboration of the menu when you open a restaurant from scratch. Do menu structure. Prepares possible routings. When there is a playground and a core staff begin to elaborate. There should be no hurry. All meals must be sanded to perfection, thoughtful moments of impact, design and calculate costs and profitability. When I meet the food, tasting passes. The investor tries, expresses his opinion. In my experience, make tasting sous-chefs, I just supervise the cooking process workpieces. After the approval of the menu, we invite the entire staff for training. Every cook needs a few times to make the hands dishes of the structure. I give the staff some time to learn the technological heart card (except for n / p). Taking an exam. Daily personally ask each selectively weight of products in a particular dish. After tasting cuisine perfected spend for waiters. Explain each dish, what to look out for when dealing with a guest. Take exams at the waiters. The whole system is overdue, if the restaurant from scratch. If the institution operates and the need to reboot approach is different.
An important factor - the system of motivation. By experience, I have no problems with the staff. Wishing to work in a team a lot. And it is important to make sure that the person was motivated. And this is not necessarily money. After months of work, it is possible to summarize, if the system and the work is going well, you can think of new and creative design and development of the institution.
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