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Russia - a great power!

About spiritual mentors ...Did great classic of what trials and tribulations await suffering Russia? Of course he knew . He foresaw that the satanic forces under the pious appearance again manifest in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus? Sure .Yes and no need for it to be neither a prophet nor a strategist . History is cyclical , and the enemies are the same. Nothing changes in the world. Only time , rewind new circle brings us back to the same tragic mistake .Once again, we are given the chance. We presented a new lesson . And we need to be finished slowpoke and blind not to see it.God loves Russia ! This - so . Nine empires turned to dust in the history of Russia, and it is worth , and uncompromisingly contemptuously rejecting attempts to undermine its foundations enemies , crush, crush , grind to dust.And maybe no enemies ? All far-fetched to us, indeed, offered the true values ​​from which we shy away from holy as the devil ? We lack democracy, we need same-sex marriages , we have too much land, and the natural resources we have too many ! Who do I need Russia as a single country , which can be divided into a plurality of dwarfs and live in fraternal unity for all mankind ?If you think so , then you should not read any further. Today there is no deficit in the spiritual mentors . They will tell you what kind of democratic values ​​instilled in the former Yugoslavia as well, fairly and peacefully live the peoples of Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya, Syria .They are willing to share information , how to cook " Molotov cocktail " which god to pray and act under any banner . Instead ask the least , quite a bit - to sell their homeland , real friends , true human values ​​. Simply put, to sell his soul . After all, it does not cost anything , anyway , for them.Why is this happening ?Russia lost if a third world war ? No, not lost . She only suffered a temporary setback in the next battle . Would not have happened and this unfortunate retreat , do not be disgusting betrayal of Gorbachev and his associates , for thirty pieces of silver merged the Soviet Union. There would be no fragmentation of powers and separation of single Orthodox Slavic brotherhood between themselves and other people.More than twenty years, many of the representatives of the state once mighty live with a load on the shower. Load betrayal that allowed the West to force short-sighted or simply bought leaders to sign the agreement and count Bialowieza us losers.It was then that deception , threats, bribery of our so-called Anglo-Saxon "friends" were able to convert the request to dismantle the obsolete social system in the complete collapse of the vast country. Starting posited in 1917, received its permit in 1991 .But Russia has risen , grew, matured to protect its sovereignty and place in a multipolar world .It is clear that someone does not like , and that "someone" is trying their utmost to prevent the reunification of Russian core of the world - Russia , Ukraine, Belarus .No need to explain who is hiding under the guise of "someone" . It is alien to us Latin pseudo civilization built on IOUs and trying to impose its hegemony over the world .But everything in the world in cycles. And America falls , it will soon collapse . Although , the concept of "soon" is a relative term , and this giant corkscrew can drag on for years . But he had already spun and that we are talking about the final global U.S. hegemony , the Americans know . So live by the principle "today you die , and I - tomorrow."America is no longer able to escape from the destructive system processes and struggled trying to grab their claws into something living , thriving present and because exports worldwide to anyone but she did not want , but very expensive commodity - conflict, revolution , civil war. Yugoslavia, Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya, Syria - it's dated . Now - Venezuela , Bosnia , Ukraine. Next - Russia .Moscow, Russia , Ukraine , TatarstanHowever naive to believe that the war with Russia had not yet begun. She goes to slightly disguised form . Credible , though public , sources have information that is already in Moscow under the guise of migrant workers formed sixty divisions Wahhabis ready to order at any time to get up " under the gun ."Military analysts loudly shout that prepares third Chechen war, which in its scope can surpass all previous campaigns .Heated situation in Tatarstan by inflaming between Russian and Tatar conflict on ethnic or religious grounds .In Ukraine arrive militants private military company "Greystone Limited", passed through all the hot spots of the world. It is quite obvious that their goals are far from peace .All of this information and many other facts impending aggression against Russia can be found in neutral media objectively prepodnosyaschih events .  What to do?The main thing - to know and understand the nature of the processes occurring in the world . Need to be aware of the scale of the threat facing the state and each of us personally . One must learn to distinguish truth from false propaganda that information flows poured from the media, professing the ideology of the fifth column .In any case can not resist aggression , hatred , religious or national hatred . In this regard, I want to remember the message of Nicholas II, passed them before being shot in 1918 by Princess Olga : "Father asked me to tell all those who remained loyal to him , and those whom they can have an impact , so they do not avenged him , as He forgave all and all for praying , not to avenged themselves and to remember that the evil which is now in the world, will be even stronger , but that no evil will conquer evil , but only love ... "And yet - today Russia adequately passed the exam on the status of the Great Powers . She proved to the world that not only nuclear weapons , huge grounds and economic power are its opulence . It has its own unique representation of good and evil , and this conviction - her main weapon in defending their fair global interests .Gather with spirit friends . Good always triumphs !P.S. In the state where I live there is a strong , fair president VV Putin and I am proud that I live in Russia !
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