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Salad Olivier: classic recipes

New Year's table is unimaginable without salad prepared on the classical recipe. Perhaps the story of the origin of the salad heard each and canon recipe with hazel grouse you can find on my website. In the same publication, I would like to stay at the usual Russian man of salad recipes - a traditional, summer and fish Olivier.
Classic Olivier Sausage Recipes
This salad is most often prepared for the New Year, so it can be safely included in the New Year's menu. All ingredients are simple and easy, and the cooking process will not take much time.
• Sausage doctorate - 150-200 m;
• Carrots - 1 pc;
• Potatoes - 2-3 pcs;
• Pickled cucumbers - 3-4 units;
• Canned peas - 0.5-1 Bank;
• Eggs - 3 pcs;
• mayonnaise, salt - to taste.
The process of preparing Olivier with sausage
1. We are engaged in the preparation of components. To start boil potatoes and carrots, not peeled (do not forget to add salt to the water). Eggs should also be boiled;
2. Training is almost completed - you only cut into cubes all - sausage, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and eggs;
3. We send everything in a bowl, add the peas and dressed with mayonnaise before serving. Salad Olivier classic sausage is ready! It is especially interesting dish will look if you file Olivier tartlets.
Summer Chicken Salad
Olivier This recipe differs from the classical few ingredients, and particularly well-suited for the summer holidays.
1. chicken breast - 1 pc;
2. Onions (preferably red) - 1 piece;
3. Apple tart - 1 pc;
4. Potatoes - 2 pieces;
5. Canned peas - 0.5-1 jar;
6. Eggs - 2 pcs;
7. cucumber - 1 pc;
8. Green onions - 1 bunch;
9. Mayonnaise and yogurt (for refueling) - equally.
The process of preparing the summer Olivier
1. Boil chicken (by the way, it can be replaced by smoked calf), potatoes and eggs;
2. The next step - cutting components. All the ingredients are cut into cubes, and onion cut into rings, cut into quarters;
3. Then all you need to mix, add the peas and dressing.
Serve old Olivier possible on a piece of lettuce and garnish with greens on top.
Olivier salad with salmon
Well, this recipe is quite far from the classic salad Olivier, but it is perfect to you if you are tired of traditional treats, and you wanted to change.
• lightly salted salmon - 200-250 m;
• Potatoes - 2 pieces;
• Pickled Cucumber - 2-3 units;
• Eggs - 2 pcs;
• Carrots - 1 pc;
• mayonnaise, salt - to taste.
The process of preparing Olivier Salmon
1. Just as in the previous recipe Olivier, potatoes, carrots and eggs should be boiled until tender;
2. From the salmon fillet remove all bones and sliced ​​into small cubes;
3. Cut the eggs, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes, mix with the fish in a salad bowl or a large bowl;
4. Refill with mayonnaise and decorate giving vent to imagination.
As you can see, make this salad is as easy as in the case of a classic recipe Olivier.
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