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What my salads are different from ordinary

When the salad was delicious, what I want to eat, but it so happens that the dish is still captivates at first glance at him. It is these I want to prepare salads, cooking itself be an act of love. The secrets of molecular cuisine allow you to create dishes that are distinguished by their taste and shape of all that man had already tried it. The approach to the preparation of other food, which allows me to realize their designs. What are the differences between my salad?
Cooking method
Primarily, different preparation method, uses and methods of creating jelly mousses, foams, spheres, even smoke. Products handled by the lowest and highest temperatures in vacuum, thanks to this they acquire a new taste and tender texture.
Healthy salad
On this website you can see the preparation of a simple salad. This is usually based on the fact that combine multiple ingredients chopped raw or processed form (boiling, frying, grilling). Ingredients salads molecular cuisine even though amenable to heat treatment, the maximum retain its useful properties. Vegetables become soft at a high temperature for 5-10 minutes, they do not need to boil or fry for about an hour. Or conversely, carrots, beets boiled under vacuum at a temperature of 60 degrees. Fast freeze also has its advantages. Initially for cooking molecular gastronomy used a scientific approach, to keep all the benefits of products.
Taste - is the main characteristic of each meal, including salad. Food molecular cuisine characterized by the fact that the brain begins to argue with himself. What do you feel when a sour lemon? Yet putting it in your mouth, you can feel the acid, these are the signals the brain sends. Well, if this will have a taste of lemon meat or fish? The same applies to any ingredient added to the salad, I will transform the shape, experimenting with flavors.
Serving dishes of molecular gastronomy - this is the show that should capture the imagination of the viewer. In addition to the effects of fragrant smoke, liquid nitrogen, I use feeding dishes edible flowers - orchids, iris, calendula, which give elegance. The salads are added mikrozelen that emphasizes its taste and beauty. I like to surprise, because the salad may be present land of olives and wine jelly. I wish that people began to look at the food with new eyes.
Fresh quality products
The use of fresh and quality products - this is my guiding principle, even if they are the most exotic and delivered to the other end of the world. Man is made up of what he eats and drinks, because everything has to be useful and of high quality.
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