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The most expensive cakes of the world

Cake creates a unique atmosphere of the holiday, therefore without it any celebration can not do. Choosing a cake for a wedding, birthday or any other holiday, each person expects a certain amount. You do not want to buy it off, because the cake should be tasty and at the same time impress all guests with its appearance. Did anyone imagine that the price of a cake can reach several tens of millions of dollars? Such cakes are, what are their features, and why are they so expensive? It is worth considering the TOP-5 most expensive cakes of the world.
1. Cake for the luxury show in California
For the show of luxury called "Bridal", which takes place every year in California, a cake was made, it cost $ 20 million. The cake was decorated with gold flakes, a lot of diamonds. Confectioner Nahid Pars created his masterpiece in 2006, and from now on the cake does not cease to discuss in social networks, the Internet, on television. The main decoration of the cake is the roses and lilies, inside which are diamonds.
2. Cake for the socialite and editor-in-chief of Social Life Magazine Deborah Rose
The cake was cooked for Deborah Rose, it cost 30 million. To create it, she hired a host show called The King of Confectioners. The high price of the cake is due to the fact that it was adorned with precious stones.
3. "Pirate fantasy"
A cake worth $ 35 million is considered the most expensive culinary masterpiece of 2012. It was made in the form of a ship of pirates, inside there were jewelry, precious stones. What was the taste of this cake? Chocolate layers with different flavors were used, and to create a pastry the confectioner combined pumpkin with lemon.
4. Cake for minority sex show
Already in 2013, the national gay show broke all records for the most expensive cakes. A cake worth 52 billion was created. It towered over one and a half meters, consisted of 8 layers and was decorated with 2 thousand diamonds.
5. The most expensive cake in the world 2017
To date, the most expensive cake is a confectionery product at a cost of $ 75 million. He was ordered by the sheikh from the Arab Emirates for his daughter. Theme of the cake was a fashion show - a podium with a length of 1.8 meters. The podium was decorated with precious stones, but all the models were edible.
Many confectioners are of the same opinion that everything on the plate should be edible. It is especially important that the constituents of the cake are edible when it is made for children. Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to live beautifully. Many people want the holiday to be remembered by an expensive confectionery product, which is more like a jewelry.
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