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The most powerful aphrodisiacs products TOP 50

Products mobilizing the power of life and increase the attraction, known since the times of ancient Egypt and the Chinese Empire. The name comes from Greek and is related, of course, with the goddess Aphrodite, and the translation of the word "aphrodisiac" as "love pleasure."
What are they?
Aphrodisiacs can be:
• Natural origin: animal or vegetable
• Artificial (synthesized) origin
Those that are of animal origin, found in meat, dairy products and marine creatures. Aphrodisiacs are of plant origin in vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, edible roots, berries. Synthesized - are substances which are isolated from plant or animal products and produce from them extracts, oils, extracts.
How to act on the body?
The products contain vitamins A and E, increase the tone of the body, accelerate metabolic processes. Vitamin E acts on the pituitary actively stimulating its operation.
Aphrodisiacs are active on the nervous system and hormones. The mechanism of action is not clearly expressed, instant stimulating effect of the products do not have. Once in the body, they start to work as hormones that are responsible for sexuality. In general feature of their impact that they rejuvenate the body, enhance libido and stimulate sexuality.
Female and male
Some people believe that products that stimulate the desire for different men and women. There is a direct dependence on the hormonal levels of both sexes. Natural afradiziaki equally well apply to the male and female body. They contain substances that cause the body to tone the nervous system to alert relax, give the man a state of psychological comfort, joy and anticipation of pleasure.
whether products are aphrodisiacs Increase Testosterone?
For the production of this hormone in the male body responsible pituitary. Well stimulate the important body of vitamin E and zinc, which aphrodisiac foods are many. Therefore, their use in food helps testosterone remain at the desired level. If male hormone present in the body at the desired concentration, then the problems with potency at the gentleman does not arise. High levels of testosterone has a beneficial effect on the libido and tireless men in terms of sex.
Top 50 potent aphrodisiac foods
Vegetables and Mushrooms:
1. Artichoke
2. Eggplant
3. Onions
4. Garlic
5. Asparagus
6. Tomato
7. Jerusalem artichoke
8. Pumpkin
9. Truffle
10. Morel
11. Lime
12. Mango
13. Lemon
14. Apricot
15. Quince
16. Orange
17. Avocado
18. Pomegranate
19. Banana
20. Coconut
Berries and nuts:
21. Strawberries
22. Strawberry
23. Walnut
24. Sesame
25. Almond
26. Media
27. Shrimp
28. Oysters
29. Lampreys
30. Snails
31. Salmon
32. Acne
33. Caviar
34. Scallop
35. Octopus
Herbs and spices:
36. Basil
37. Ginger
38. Ginseng
39. Saffron
40. Anis
41. Vanilla
42. Carnation
43. Cardamom
44. Cinnamon
45. Mint
Sweets and Cereals:
46. ​​Honey
47. Chocolate
48. Marzipan
49. Figure
50. Wheat
5 most interesting natural aphrodisiacs
Delicious mushroom with a delicate nutty flavor. It grows under the ground, it is difficult mined and is incredibly expensive. It contains a lot of protein and zinc, which are wonderfully affect hormones and reproductive glands work. It is believed that the truffle has magical properties to enhance libido in both men and women. Because the fungus makes wine liqueurs for seduction and special dishes for hot dates.
Loved by many gourmets, clam. They are eaten alive by pouring lemon juice and seizing bread. Oyster Meat is rich in vitamins of different groups, iron, phosphorus, calcium, iodine. Yet there are many minerals, fatty acids and protein. Do not forget about zinc, which helps the synthesis of testosterone in the male body. This shellfish contain two rare amino acids that directly affect the production of sex hormones.
Ginger root has collected in itself all the wonderful vitamins, minerals, beneficial acids and other substances that are completely absorbed by the body. The product is good for the heart, digestive system, immunity. Its essential oils are well on the nervous system and stunningly Sexuality. The spicy scent of ginger accelerates blood circulation and has a stimulating properties.
Fragrant spice made from stigmata of flowers, gathered in a special way. The product is rare and expensive. Valuable saffron in that it contains a substance that is similar in composition to the sex hormone responsible for the sensitivity of erogenous zones.
Wonderful natural aphrodisiac. Excellent effect on the recovery of sexual energy. It works effectively in conjunction with nuts, fruit and meat. In order to improve his sex life should be used only in the natural form, not heat, not cooking.
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