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Common Sorrel: properties and recipes

Sorrel - a perennial plant. It has elongated stems (height from 30 to 100 centimeters), and pleasant sourish taste. For the first time a plant has become known in France in the 12th century. For a long time we have sorrel considered a weed and not to eat. Now the plant is consumed fresh, make preparations for the winter, added to soups and salads, and even grown in gardens and orchards.
Beneficial features
Sorrel contains protein, fiber, vitamins of group B. The plant is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc, copper and other useful elements. The plant is good for the digestive system, has anti-allergic and antibacterial effect. Also, the plant is useful for menopause. Avicenna, a medieval physician and philosopher, believed that the dock - the perfect tool for getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Sorrel has a positive effect on the body for colds and helps in the short term to cope with the disease.
Where and when to collect sorrel?
Sorrel - hardiness. It grows in meadows, near the lakes. He likes moist, rich loamy soil and does not tolerate too high acidity. Flowering period falls on a sorrel spring. Shoots of plants appear in late May, and then you can start collecting. Check the leaves taste: they should be juicy and acidic. For growth and development during the sorrel plant is cut several times (about 3-4 cutoffs every 10-15 days). Ends camp in late July, when the leaves are rough and the plant begins to accumulate oxalic acid. In large quantities it is harmful to the body.
Preparations for the winter Sorrel
There are several methods of sorrel harvesting. To dry the plant, wash it and then chop coarsely and place on a towel. Put the house or on the street, but do not allow the penetration of direct sunlight, otherwise the plant will lose color. Sorrel dry completely in about a week. Keep in banks, in a dry place.
To pickle dock for the winter, prepare the plant, as well as other herbs (optional): green onions, dill, parsley. Finely chop the ingredients, put them in a bowl and sprinkle liberally with salt (500 gr. Sorrel leaves about 3 cups of salt). Leave the greens for half an hour, until the juice is not highlighted. Then put the mixture into clean jars, cover and roll up.
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