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Herring under a fur coat: classic recipe, roll and original design

There are some recipes that are familiar to us from childhood and are present on any holiday feast. One of them - a classic herring under a fur coat. A unique combination of vegetables and fish do taste terrific balanced, which is why this recipe is so popular.
Variations recipe herring under a fur coat - a great many, in fact over the years each family will have its own secrets - make changes to the order of layers, changing the ratio of the proportions of products, inventing new, original design options. You can use all the recipes offered me or choose the way of cooking that you no longer liked.
Herring under a fur coat: classic recipe
The most traditional, canon recipe Dressed Herring is also known as the Soviet. Actually, this title lies the whole history of the origin of this wonderful salad. In the classic recipe layers are as follows (bottom to top):
1. Herring;
2. Onions;
3. Potatoes;
4. Carrots;
5. Eggs;
6. Beet.
Each layer, respectively, is greased mayonnaise and salted to taste.
• Potatoes - 3-4 pcs;
• Onions - 1 pc;
• Eggs - 3-4 pieces;
• Carrots - 2-4 units;
• Beet - 2 pieces;
• Mayonnaise - 80-100 m;
• Herring salting weak - 1 pc.
The procedure for the preparation of the classic herring under a fur coat
1. It starts with the preparation of herring under a fur coat with no training component, and their correct selection. Fish - always fresh, without third-party bad odors. Of course, the best is obtained from herring salad, which was salted by yourself, but you can well do shopping - the main thing that the fish was high quality.
2. Getting cutting herring. Fish washed under the tap, remove the head and the abdomen is opened, from the fin to the head. Using a knife, remove the entrails and the need to get rid of the fins. Also, remove the skin, make an incision along the spine, starting from the tail. Further, the fish need to rinse again.
3. Now separate the fillet from the bones. It - one of the most important stages, because the remaining bone can spoil all the impression of lettuce. Then simply slice the fillet.
4. While you are engaged in the preparation of fish, you need to boil all the vegetables except onions, not scraping the rind. For these purposes, you can use a saucepan or double boiler. Eggs, too, will need to cook hard-boiled.
5. Start collecting smothered herring on the classic recipe, following the order of layers. We put fillets, half chopped onion, grated on a coarse grater or diced potatoes. Then again, add the onions, not forgetting promazyvat each layer of mayonnaise. This is followed by grated carrot, egg and beetroot.
6. As a classical decoration herring under a fur coat is usually a green or frayed yolk.
Herring under a fur coat: the recipe from the chef
This dish is distinguished from other salad recipes are not only a way of cooking, but the original design - you can see it in the photo.
• 2 quail eggs;
• Onions red;
Vegetable oil;
• Mikrozelen and flowers for decoration.
The procedure for the preparation of
The recipe herring under a fur coat from the chef suggests the following procedure for preparation of the ingredients and preparation:
1. Cut balls (chateau), potatoes and carrots with a special knife and then boiled;
2. Potato balls are fried in vegetable oil;
3. Red sliced ​​onion rings and within minutes the mixture pickled in vinegar, salt and sugar;
4. One quail egg is boiled, and the other is frozen, then they should be removed from the yolks;
5. Beets boiled, cut into thin slices. Part of the beet juice is added to mayonnaise;
6. Next, you can fillet herring. All the ingredients are laid out, as in the photo. Herring under a fur coat with a prescription from the chef is ready!
Herring under a fur coat - Rolls Recipe
Salad "Herring under a fur coat", decorated in a roll - a very original recipe, which is exactly what you like. I recommend to take it on board for the New Year.
• Beet - 1-3 units;
• Carrots - 3 pieces;
• Potatoes - 1-2 pcs;
• Eggs - 2-3 pieces;
• Herring - 1 pc;
• mayonnaise, salt to taste.
Preparation of salad-roll "Herring under a fur coat"
In contrast to the classic recipe is slightly modified procedure and will take longer, but in general everything is quite simple.
1. We are engaged in training. Here are all the same as in the classic recipe - vegetables boiled and rubbed on a fine grater (because of this roll would be better to hold the form). Onions finely cut. Because of grated beets and carrots better to squeeze extra juice;
2. Herring fillet cut into small pieces;
3. Next, you need boards and food film. Spread on foil beets, and then lightly compacted;
4. Each successive layer should be slightly less than the previous one, is followed by beets carrots and mayonnaise;
5. Next - potatoes, mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise and again;
6. Very thin layer laid herring and chopped onions;
7. The layers of herring under a fur coat neatly wrapped in a roll with the help of the film;
8. To the salad did not lose its shape, it must be right to send the film in the fridge for a few hours;
9. Before serving, remove the film, trim the edges with a sharp knife and decorate roll with mayonnaise and greens.
You can choose any recipe herring under a fur coat - classic or with the original submission.
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