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smoothes conflicts

Conflicts are faithful companions of virtually any workflow - to pick up the perfect team, where each participant has an angelic patience, empathy and a wholly uncommon diligence, is virtually impossible. Do not even worth trying - much easier to learn how to avoid conflicts, to smooth them in every possible way to bring in the notes of the positive working atmosphere or, at least, to bring it to a neutral point. Next my rule is:
Always smoothes conflicts between chefs and waiters, in controversial situations Defend the interests of the kitchen.
Ignore this rule, and very soon found that it would be much easier to destroy a team completely on its ruins to collect new, than trying to glue raskolochennye into crumbs relationship. Most conflicts occur, which remain unresolved, in fact destroy the morale and eliminate teamwork - and thus a high productivity can be no question.
To avoid conflicts in the kitchen is very difficult - the situation itself is literally forced to splash out aggression with enviable regularity. Delay on the part of the order cook making apologetic waiter who carries a long dish, sluggishness or employment waiter, in turn, exposes skill cook not in the best light - and all of these episodes may eventually become commonplace harsh and unpleasant. Gradually accumulated negativity and sooner or later could explode - then no casualties and the consequences of not exactly get along.
You, as the head of the kitchen, must understand that your sacred duty - to control these conflicts, to smooth them and to educate their subordinates in such qualities as readiness for mutual assistance and the ability to understand and accept what has happened. Conflicts - an excellent opportunity to showcase and hone their leadership skills as well as to win the respect of the team.
I recommend all the same more often siding chefs - they need to feel the support of you. However, do not forget that you have to be very fair and would have set a good example - well, who will listen to a proposal to consider the interests of their colleagues from the chef, who is himself in no hurry to implement this advice into practice?
And finally - a couple of recommendations for the resolution of conflicts in the team between the chefs and waiters:
• Do not allow the conflict at times easier than to deal with its consequences. Track the patterns of behavior of their subordinates, adjust the position, send a particularly nervous or aggressive angrily clean pots;
• Enhance the tone - a bad manner. Your weapon - icy calm, the ability to listen to and the availability of reasoned argument;
• loyalty to his principles is very important if you decide who is right and who is wrong. If the same situation, you will be guided by one's beliefs, but in a similar - diametrically opposed, it will be to subordinate reason to doubt not only your sense of justice, but also the adequacy of.
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