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Chef Axel Manes

Axel Manes - Chef French restaurant L`atelier Saint-German De Joel Robuchon Paris, considered one of the best in the business. Best Chef - is not just a status, and a calling. Learn more here:
Secret of success
Axel childhood familiar with the gastronomic world: he grew up with his uncle, who owned a brewery. Love for the chef cooking felt when he was 13 years old. David achieved success thanks to a passion for cooking, creativity, desire for new gastronomic concepts and determination, as well as to get acquainted with a number of popular and well-known chefs.
Axel was born in Belgium. Having made the decision to become a chef, he learned from the best, working in well-known restaurants and traveling to different countries to improve the professional knowledge. Since 2006 Axel is working with Joël Robuchon, a skilled cook and owner of a chain of restaurants. It was he who appointed the head of Axel and the chef of one of its institutions, L`atelier Saint-German De Joel Robuchon in Paris.
Kitchen and dish crown
Axel continues the tradition of Joël Robuchon, using the kitchen, seasonal produce better quality. The main feature of the restaurant, which employs Axel - open kitchen. During the cooking process you can watch yourself and even chat with the cooks. The restaurant serves stuffed caramelized apple and mashed truffle foie gras, chicken with leek and ginger in an aromatic broth, caviar king crab. For dessert - grapefruit sorbet with poppy seeds and creamy chocolate ice.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Restaurant Guide Michelin said Axel as one of the most promising chefs.
Personal philosophy
Axel said that the fastest way to get recognition in the field of gastronomy and achieve good results - to work hard. There is another way to not lose the professional level: to work in a team and to maintain good relations within the team. Kitchen restaurant opened: the chef likes to work in such conditions. He believes that the need to be as honest and open with their visitors. The only way to get them interested and to leave a good impression about the restaurant.
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