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The chef Alexandre Gauthier

"I was born cook"
La Grenouillere Restaurant, which is owned by the chef Alexandre Gauthier, marked by a star of the popular restaurant rankings.
Secret of success
All Places Alexander is his source of inspiration. He is often invited to present their cuisine abroad, and he gladly agreed. Career Gauthier has developed successfully thanks largely to his parents: in the nachaleon began managing his father's restaurant. A loose and become a world-famous chef helped him attention to detail, love of country, and travel, according to the chief, his personal destiny.
Carier start
Alexander was born March 26, 1979. From childhood he knew he wanted to be a chef. After graduating in 2003 he began to manage the family restaurant. Once the institution has received a star rating in the Michelin restaurant, it has gained popularity around the world. Since then, Alexander successfully owns several restaurants and participates in various conferences and culinary festivals as a guest.
Amazing food
Staff and restaurant critics argue kitchen chef has no equal. Alexander uses products from local manufacturers, choosing fresh and quality products. It offers visitors to taste new flavors of the foods. Gaultier loves to amaze and shock the visitors with strange combinations of ingredients. Take, for example, quail eggs with Brussels sprouts and diced grapes, flavored with grated garlic.
Awards and achievements
• Star Michelin gastronomic guide.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
• Best Chef 2016 version restaurant guide Gault & Millau.
• Magazine GMAG Alexander named the second most influential person of French gastronomy after Alain Ducasse.
The ban on photos
Gauthier does not like his guests engaged in food photography. He even added to the menu marked "photography is prohibited", although officially allowed to photograph. Guests spread images to the Internet, send messages to your friends and brag about the food, as the food is getting cold. Alexander and his team are concerned about what is happening. Chef gets upset when he sees this: before visitors took pictures of each other, rather than food. This is the chief's personal philosophy: to food should be treated respectfully.
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