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Chef Daniel Boole

Daniel Boole - a talented chef and restaurateur who owns more than a dozen institutions around the world, but its main creation - luxury restaurant by Daniel, who is in America, in New York City.
Secret of success
Daniel was born in a family of farmers and studied the preparation of various dishes from her grandmother, which had a strong influence on his future career. Later he studied with professional chefs, and only then began its own culinary career. The desire to dream, good teachers, and the ability to cook since childhood - that helped the chef to succeed in their business.
For a long time, Daniel worked for a chain of restaurants in New York hotels, 6 years as executive chef in an institution of Cirque. In 1993, the chef opened his own restaurant, and five years later - another. At the moment Daniel owns more than ten institutions. Also, the chef has started production of its own line of quality cookware, stainless steel and cast iron. The collection also includes towels, gloves, aprons, and other accessories.
Kitchen and dish crown
The main highlight of the restaurant - a bar. After tasting alcoholic drinks visitors are invited to go to the main hall. The restaurant has a dress code. If you find that you are dressed inappropriately, you may be offered a change of clothes in your own wardrobe places, and this is another "trick" of the restaurant. Signature dish of the chef - sea bass, croquettes, braised chicken and lamb chops with carrots, zapechnye in wine. For dessert, and it offers a chic chocolate biscuits with coconut, Guzhero and more.
Awards and achievements
• 3 star Michelin rated restaurant.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• The establishment of Daniel entered the 10 best restaurants in the world according to the newspaper Herail Tribune.
• Award "Best Chef of New York", "Outstanding Restaurateur" by the James Beard Foundation named.
Personal philosophy
The chef loves and respects cuisine around the world. He often travels to train and improve their skills. Daniel easily achieves stability in the kitchen. Chef believes that the main thing in any restaurant - the relationship between the employees and the confidence of the staff. If properly trained kitchen staff and clearly define the problem for them is no problem with the success of places will not.
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