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Chef Dave Pint

"Taste, simplicity, quality and integrity"
Dave Pint - Chef Burnt Ends, which is located in Singapore. The institution has a clear operating principles - all meals in the restaurant are prepared exclusively with fire.
Secret of success
Dave grew up with a father who had a special love for barbecue. The chef has always been convinced that the only way to gain experience and develop their skills - to travel and gain experience, getting to know different cultures and cooking techniques. During these travels he discovered his passion for the "fire" cooking. The experience gained in childhood, traveling and the pursuit of learning helped Dave to make a successful career in cooking.
While studying at the institute, Dave worked in a number of popular restaurants, and after graduation worked as a chef, honing his culinary technique. Traveling the world and studying the art of cooking, Dave gradually came to discover their own institutions. There, he serves on the fire. Chef said: "When you eat food that is cooked on the grill, and then the same food prepared in the usual way, you feel that if something is missing."
Kitchen and dish crown
Slow hot frying, baking, cooking on charcoal grill up to 700 degrees Celsius - that can offer visitors institution. Cooking Dave is masterfully controlled flame and fresh ingredients used in cooking. The grill menu, which is updated daily, are worthy of special attention lamb, poultry, king crab, snapper fish, fennel and leek.
Awards and achievements
• Place in the list of the best restaurants in the world (The World's 50 Best Restaurant).
Throughout the professional activity Dave follows the principles of friendliness. The chef wants to create a relaxing atmosphere in which its guests can easily gather with friends and enjoy the excellent specialties prepared from the best ingredients. The main thing for the cook - the taste and simplicity of food and the quality of products. Dave - a fairly energetic person, but he says the chef, it was never good enough for sports or other activities, and the kitchen is the only passion of his, where he can show his skills.
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