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Chef Dan Hunter

"We want people to feel like they are in a restaurant in our common home"
Dan Hunter - the owner and chef of the restaurant Brae, which is located in Australia, in the city Birregura.
Secret of success
Throughout his career, Dan paid great attention to the people who work with him. Chef kindly refers to every visitor, and cares about the health of its guests, choosing only fresh and quality products for their dishes. Love for people, environmentally friendly ingredients - all this has allowed the chef to become what it is today.
His career as a chef began in Melbourne - then he has worked with many well-known restaurateurs. Later, Dan traveled the world, continuing to work in the kitchen. For six years, Dan headed the kitchen of London's famous places Royal Mail. It was at this time of life boss learned about the importance of seasonal products, the principle of which was realized in its first institution, Brae restaurant. Currently, Deng led a large and friendly team of cooks and gardeners.
Kitchen and dish crown
The restaurant is equipped with modern and unique cuisine based on seasonality and respect for nature. In the menu, Dan uses only fresh and quality fruits and vegetables that are grown on their own farm or farms of local producers. It is noteworthy that during the growth of products in restaurants gardens are used pesticides. Dan wants to taste the food was clean and free of chemical impurities. Chief Crown dish - incredibly delicious ratatouille. First you slice the onion and garlic, add half a zucchini, tomato, eggplant and other vegetables, then cook with a special set of grass, adding a dish of lamb stew.
Awards and achievements
• Star of the famous and influential restaurant guide Michelin.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
• Best Chef according to the gastronomic guide The Age Good Food, as well as GourmetTraveller and Australian Financial Review magazine.
Personal philosophy
Dan Hunter is inspired by the opportunity to bring happiness and pleasure to visitors of his restaurant. It is difficult, as the chief himself, but that is what stimulates it to do their job at the highest level. The principle by which he is guided by - hospitality. "You do not invite guests to make them feel uncomfortable?" - Said the chief. So the main thing for him - to the people who came to the restaurant, feel at home.
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