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Chef David Chang

"Different cultures express the same images in different ways, and in food everything is exactly the same"
Restaurateur David Chang is the creator, owner and chef of the Momofuku restaurant group, who has won the hearts of ordinary visitors and gourmets with exquisite and unique dishes.
Secret of success
David himself believes that he was very lucky, because he had some good teachers. They showed him how to properly manage the team in the kitchen, inspired by knowledge and energy and taught to trust their own taste. Due to perseverance and purposefulness, David achieved success. The chef is a responsible and important post, demanding from a person certain qualities that David fully enjoys.
Since childhood, David liked to observe the movements of the hands of the cooks who cooked food. It was then that he realized that he wanted to work in this profession. He studied at the culinary institute in New York and worked part time in the restaurants of the city. His career soared when he opened his first institution in 2004. At the moment, David is the owner and chief chef of several restaurants, as well as the author of a cookbook.
Kitchen and Crockery
David plays with flavors, which allows him to feel them on a deeper level. In the kitchens in its restaurants - only fresh and quality products, with the help of which unique and unique dishes are obtained. Crown recipes for the chef: fatty meat with crispy vegetables and steamed buns, as well as carrots in their own juice with seaweed kombu.
Achievements and awards
• A place in the list of the best restaurants according to The World's 50 Best Restaurant and S. Pellegrino.
• 2 stars of the famous restaurant rating Michelin (Le Guide Rouge).
• David is one of the most influential people on the planet (Time 100 MostInfluential People).
Personal Philosophy
David says: he likes to think about food and develop new dishes than to cook. He likes to observe the reaction of visitors. The goal of the chef is to awaken in the person warm feelings and memories. According to the chef, this is the formula of all gastronomic masterpieces. Despite all the culinary successes, sometimes he wants to go back in time and open the usual noodle. Long hours of work, constant stress and overstrain affected the chef. He spoiled his health, completely devoting himself to the profession.
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