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Chef David Kinch

"I just love to cook, and I like what effect food has on people"
The chef and owner of the restaurant Manresa, David Kinch known to the public skilful interpretation of California cuisine. Its restaurant is in America, in the city of Los Gatos.
Secret of success
Not everything was perfect in the chef career. Once, while on vacation, David received a call from the fire brigade: it turned out, his restaurant burned down. The fire destroyed the rear of the building, kitchen, bathrooms, and dining room which has recently been renovated, it has been damaged by water. But the chef did not despair. It took him six months to restore the restaurant. During this time, he revised his entire philosophy and re-evaluate what it does. Then the chef realized that can not be a step back away from the dream. That devotion to the favorite business helped David to become the best.
Immediately after graduating from the University, David began his culinary career. He worked in various restaurants in the United States, France and Japan, including as executive chef. His first independent projects have not received recognition from the general public. David gained real fame after opening the Manresa restaurant and tales of his establishment in many popular culinary publications.
Kitchen and dish crown
In David's restaurant menu lists a list of products that can be seen by visitors, but the dishes are not known until then, until they were served to the guests. David's signature dish - duck breast with honey, roasted chicken with mussels, seasoned with pepper and salmon with sweet gorchitsey.Takzhe David is known for having repeated the famous dish of eggs Parisian restaurant L`Frpege, adding to its own "flavor", Tasmanian pepper.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
Star of the popular gastronomic guide Michelin.
• Location of the best restaurants in America, according to Restaurant Magazine, and Gourmet magazines.
Personal philosophy
All that prepares David, is the embodiment of contemporary California cuisine. The nature of his native land, local ingredients that are grown with special care and love - all inspired by the famous chef. In addition, something new, David is in the cooking of other countries and peoples. They are inspired by the European tradition of American ingenuity and Japanese refinement.
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