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Chef David Minoz

"Haute cuisine is not enough brave!"
David Minoz - owner and chef places Diverxo, which is located in Spain, in Madrid. The chef is known for its originality and unusual approach to cooking.
Secret of success
Chef's secret to success - no fear of life's difficulties and self-confidence. His love of cooking, David discovered as a child - that's when he decided to follow his dream. The chef is not like other chefs he prepares in his own way, breaking the usual stereotypes about food. His goal - to surprise its visitors, and David fully copes with it.
David began a culinary career in his native city, in Madrid. Then he moved to London, where he worked in several Asian institutions. In 2007, David decided to return home, and finally founded in Madrid. There he opened his own restaurant. Currently Diverxo is popular not only in the world of high gastronomy, but also in the general population. David himself is involved in advertising campaigns, various gastronomic projects and arranges its own exhibition.
Kitchen and dish crown
David - gastronomic experimenter. Using natural ingredients, the chef achieves extraordinary and unusual taste in the simple and well-known dishes. Chef uses scented seasoning and spices in dishes in which they have never been used, and this makes it even more interesting cuisine. At the restaurant you can try the salad of meat, squid, red rice and mushrooms, Spanish seafood soup with the addition of coconut sauce of mussels and sardines from the famous jalapeno sauce. For dessert - yogurt with white chocolate.
Awards and achievements
How to become one of the best chefs? Details can be found here:
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Michelin Restaurant rating: three stars.
Personal philosophy
David manages the restaurant alone: ​​he takes the orders and solve various problems. He has a close-knit and friendly team, which helps him, but as he says the chef, is to leave them alone, everything turns into a madhouse. The chef is open to creativity: he likes to create new flavors, experimenting with food.
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