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Chef James Lowe

"I like to be a part of his restaurant"
James Lowe - famous chef of London restaurant Lyle`s. For all the time the institution became one of the main places of the new British cuisine and has won a one-star rating in the Michelin gastronomy popular.
Secret of success
As a child, James wanted to become a pilot, but his wish did not come true. Fortunately, in his heart there was a place for a new dream: to become a chef. Driven by his desire, James opened his own restaurant. At the beginning of the boss invited world-famous chefs for personal development and exchange opytom.Uspeha helped him make sense of purpose, a clear statement of objectives, a love of learning and hard work in a team.
His culinary career as a chef began at 23 years old. To make ends meet, he worked as a waiter. It was then that he knew and loved the kitchen. He won recognition chefs team that respected the food they prepared. By age 30, James has opened his own restaurant. After 18 months of the start of work - the institution received the first James prestigious award - star rating in the Michelin gastronomy.
Kitchen and dish crown
Menu changes every day places. James is working with farmers and local suppliers, using the kitchen only fresh and wholesome ingredients. Some products are made right in the restaurant, for example, bread and sausages. Favorite dish of the chef - a duck egg and asparagus with the addition of seaweed and nut sauce. Also, the restaurant serves hot cakes with squid ink and eggs, toast with cayenne pepper, as well as the most unusual dish - salad with pea shoots, zucchini and cheese.
Awards and achievements
• The star Michelin rated restaurant.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
Personal philosophy
James loves to cook, but the main thing for him - this is a restaurant management and care of people. He likes to be part of the institution, and his most favorite pastime - watching the behavior of the people who come in Lyle`s. Also, the chef inspired by observation of the ingredients in the raw state, when he looks at them, he fantasizes and starts the process of thinking, which helps him to understand how to make products in a unique and unusual dish.
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