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Chef Enrique Olvera

"We are trying to make people happy. That's why we cook every day, this is our main goal "
Enrique is a world-famous chef and owner of several restaurants in Mexico and America. Together with his team, he creates dishes based on Mexican traditions.
Secret of success
Enrique is obsessed with attentiveness to detail and careful selection of ingredients for the cuisine of his restaurants. He reads that the key to success is the continuous improvement and study of new cooking technologies. His work is supported by curiosity, he always moves forward. The chef achieved success thanks to his own individual approach and the ability to create a masterpiece from simple products. Modern methods of cooking, he combines with ancient, time-tested recipes.
Enrique was trained in gastronomic art at the culinary institute of New York. In 2000, the chef opened his own restaurant in Mexico, which instantly became one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Thanks to the stunning success, Enrique went further and opened the Cosme restaurant outside of his native country, in New York. Currently, the chef supervises several institutions and is the author of cookbooks about Mexican cuisine, in which he talks about the philosophy of his work.
Kitchen and Crockery
The menu of the restaurant is constantly changing: the chef likes to experiment. The kitchen is always available fresh seasonal products and traditional Mexican seasonings. Chef's favorite dishes: tacos with crispy pork brisket and hot Mexican salsa sauce, as well as spicy pea guacamole.
Achievements and awards
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place on the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• One of the best restaurants in Latin America according to Latin America's Best Restaurants.
• Award to the best young chef from the Mexico's National Chamber or the Restaurant and Prepared Foods Industry.
Personal Philosophy
Enrique is proud of its origins and respects the traditions of his country. He wants to show the world the taste of real Mexican food and keep it for future generations. Enrique and his team, created from real professionals, work to make visitors happy. The chef himself gets inspiration from meetings with close friends.
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