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Chef Esben Bang Holmbё

"Norwegian history is reflected in the culinary traditions of the country"
Esben Holmbё Bang - chef from Denmark, who owns a restaurant Maaemo on the outskirts of Oslo, the Norwegian capital. Maaemo means "mother nature."
Secret of success
Throughout his life, Esben learns from the people with whom fate brings him. With their help, he develops his skills, raising the professional level. But the main source of inspiration for the chef - his wife and children. More than half of the time he spends in the restaurant, and they treat it with understanding. Love to work, the availability of support, constant self-examination and commitment - that's what helped the boss to become what it is today.
Carier start
The chef was always interested in organic products. Esben came to cooking in 18 years. He worked in various restaurants and cafés in Copenhagen. His first post - dishwasher. That's when he said the constant bustle of the kitchen and began to admire the work of cooks. So he decided to become one of them. Later he opened his restaurant, which has received three Michelin stars, and became known throughout the country.
Signature dish of the chef
Kitchen institutions are characterized by the high quality of food supplied. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the cooking process. They are delivered by the Norwegian producers and farmers. Bailiwick dish chef -omar with fir gravy. At the restaurant you can try herbal salad with yogurt, beets glazed and oyster emulsion with parsley sauce. For dessert - currant sorbet and goat cheese with sea buckthorn. For visiting the restaurant for the first time offered a tasting menu consisting of several courses.
Awards and achievements
• Three stars of the popular gastronomic guide Michelin. Maaemo - second restaurant in Scandinavia, which has such a high award.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
Personal philosophy
According to the chef, each dish requires special creative work. Esben not compare yourself with other cooks, and his restaurant with the other institutions. He is not influenced, and tries to do something unique. His dishes - a reflection of himself, his ambitions and the region in which he lives and operates his team. Esben believes that the basis of any of the culinary art must lie honesty, respect and self-analysis.
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