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Chef Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson is an adherent of the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style, owner and chef of the restaurant. John, who is in London.
Secret of success
Fergus was born into a family of two architects. All that was ready for him was to go to the architectural institute to continue the work of his parents. But since childhood, the boy dreamed of being a cook. He dreamed of houses in the form of huge pies with transparent roofs of candy. This dream also determined his fate. Fergus achieved success through dedication and faith in his childhood desires.
Fergus graduated from an architectural institute to follow in the footsteps of his parents. But the new profession did not please him at all. Weary of boredom, the chef threw an unpromising career and surprisingly all his relatives settled in as an assistant chef in a restaurant. He liked it so much that his career soared - first Fergus was a chef, then a boss, and eventually he opened his own restaurant, which in an instant became popular
Kitchen and Crockery
Fergus makes culinary masterpieces from the simplest products - pigskin, ears, pentacles, tails, bones and brains. The owner of the restaurant believes: it makes no sense to cut only certain pieces of the killed animal, if you can use it completely. The restaurant offers to try fried brains, liver sausage. The meat is served with baked potatoes or other garnish. Also the restaurant has a vegetarian menu. For fans of vegetable food, the restaurant offers asparagus, green salad and sandwiches with cheese and chutney seasoning.
Achievements and awards
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place on the list of the best restaurants in the world.
Personal Philosophy
Fergus has Parkinson's disease, and because of this he can not cook for a long time. Therefore, the chef more closely monitors what is happening and controls the process. Only recently he had an operation, thanks to which he can continue his culinary activities. When Fergus enters the kitchen to see how things are, everyone is quiet. The chef says a few parting words, distributes tasks and makes a detour around the kitchen. After all, you can check the work of the cook only by controlling their work. What are the qualities of the best of the chefs? Details:
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